Hi all hope you are well. My OT reminded me yesterday of the importance of recognising progress made throughout this stroke journey. So here is a wee photo of my handwriting at 1 week and at 6 months post stroke. Small but significant steps all add up. Xxxx

Well done Mo. Great progress. It is also good to remind ourselves of our individual progress. After three years and much effort I am happier with my my weak hand and arm than I was. These days it is more stable and less inclined to throw, drop things and jerk....though it still has its moments. I also like your list of instructions. That is how I planned simple tasks and still plan them in my head. One step at a time allows the task to be achieved. I usually employ the philosophy of one job at a time too. I cannot have two or three tasks on the go at the same time. When I walk these days, my sole focus has to be on walking. I no longer turn to look at sudden distractions. It is enough to walk slowly and carefully. My hurrying days are over. May you long continue to make progress.

Thanks John, a lot of my OT tasks are doing things like this which really helped with sequencing etc. Though I do still miss bits out eg put pot of veg on with no water in it, wander off part way through a task but hey. Xxx

Hi Mo,

Great to see there is an improvement as this will encourage more work on achieving what you have set out to do plus if you can see it for yourself that helps enourmously. I find if your doing something that you like as a therapy that makes you forget you are doing it for a reason. I have left side weakness ( 17 months post stroke) and this is more noticable to me when I walk, my foot catches on the pavement etc but when I am cycling my leg and brain are getting subtle therapy. Keep up the good work and it will come right in no time.

Good luck