Prochlorperazine is it safe?

Hi, I had a TIA followed a few days later by an ischemic stroke a few days later. This all happened just over a week ago. I was put on the standard Clopidogrel and atorvastatin 20mg. I have been getting very dizzy, like being on a boat, and so I called the GP this morning who has perscribed me Prochlorperazine 5mg three times a day. I'm a bit concerned as everything I read about it, and in the leaflet, it says shouldn't be taken by people at risk of stroke. 
I'm sure the GP wouldn't prescribe it if not meant to take it but I wondered if anyone else has come across it and were better informed about whether it can be taken by someone who has had a stroke so recently than I am

sorry to hear about your strokes, I was given this in hospital on my second return, was only given a weeks worth tho to help with dizziness, still get dizzy and this was about 4 months ago 

I was on it for a long time prior to strokes for vertigo.  My brand was Stemetil.  I still have some and have been advised by GP that only to take it when absolutely necessary and only one a day at the most as it .. and I quote (does things to your brain which aren't good if you've had a stroke!). So far, I think I've only taken a couple over the years when really needed but I avoid things which bring it on. If I have to bend, I bend at the knees rather than bend over, avoid looking up when hanging washing out and if I'm gardening and need to edge the lawn I have kneeling mats which I lay down on and lean on my elbow so that I don't have to bend over.  I can no longer read or do lots of writing or anything really that involves looking down all the time as it brings it on quite quickly.