Procedure on cartoid artery


 I Had a major stroke last Nov whilst on holiday in Israel, I got superb treatment from one of the best neuro sugeons there.  NOW im home Ive recently had a heart CT scan and it looks like my cartoid arteries are more narrow than once first diagnosed.  has anyone experience of endarterectomy surgery? Im anxious that im going to have another stroke if they dont carry out this procedure.

Hi ritaraffe hope you are doing well. I guess you need to have a good discussion with your consultant and weigh it all up. My carotid and subclavian are 70  to 80 percent blocked but the danger of the procedure ie another stroke during it is too high, apparently my plumbing is a bit abnormal! So I am just managed on drugs statins, BP reducing and anticlotting. Plus  watch my diet, exercise etc. etc. My consultant said lots of people have blocked arteries and don't know so don't have the chance to be treated. However  2 other women who were in at the same time had the procedure successfully. The decision to do that was taken very quickly so it is really individual I guess. I think the fear of another stroke is very real to all of us on here but we find ways to live with it. All the best. Xxx

HI Mo,  thanks for you reply, the op went well ( 2 weeks ago Thursday, saying they werent going to do it one week to having the procedure the next) and im now home recooperating.   My breathing is better but im still feeling tired. aparantly there was fibrosis and not thrombosis in the artery!  Now awaiting the all clear to fly as I need a holiday.

My husband had a major stroke last March caused by a narrowed carotid artery. He had the operation to clear it 10 days after his stroke. This artery was scanned 13 months prior to his stroke and was fine. My husband was a fit and healthy man, didn’t drink or smoke, had a cholesterol level of 4.5, so it shouldn’t have happened. We are now on Consultant’s advice having both arteries scanned annually. My advice would be, don’t take the risk of another stroke, have the surgery. Good luck.

No one can say that a stroke shouldn't happen. You can reduce your risk, but not to zero. Babies can have strokes and they don't usually smoke or drink. My stroke was a CVA which could have happened whenever something caused my blood pressure to spike.