Problems with food deliveries

problems with food deliveries.  We rely on our food delivery every week and they keep letting us down with essential items. We cannt go shopping as we are both over 80 and depend entirely on the delivery. What are we suppose to do. Has anyone had the same problem. Also there is no way you can contact them and complain. Norma.

  Sainsburys have delivered every two weeks and, if they dont have my exact request, they make very decent substitutions. I order online. I understand that i get preferential treatment because i am over 70.

Other possibles are;

our paper boy will bring things from the corner shop, although i dont use that option.

my church will make arrangements for the housebound.

the autumn centre will help.

the local GP staff can put us in contact with help

just a few idea



Hi Norma Jean - If you have still got your receipts from previous deliveries, there should be a phone number of the store who did the delivery on there at the top. You could ring and ask to speak to the Store Manager or his Deputy.  I have had problems complaining about Sainsburys myself mainly about staff not social distancing! I agree that I also cannot find a number to complain to. I think they don't really want any complaints!  Probably too many to deal with and lack of staff available to put things right.  They should not leave you without essential items.  

I don't do internet shopping myself but I wondered if you had any daily care help in place at home?  I know they are limited to items they are allowed to carry (laughable I know as they expect you to carry it if they won't!) but if they could go to the local shop and get them for you until you get your deliveries sorted out.

thanks everyone for your replies   I have got a good neighbour who has offered help if we need it but I dont like to ask her so we try to manage. One of my 3 sons lives nearer than the other 2 and is always asking if we need anything but agaqin he works hard and doesnt live round the corner but he has got things for us in the past. There is no way you can speak to anyone at Sainsburys it is impossible they have got you were  they want you. 2 weeks running they say they havent got cornflakes it is unbelievable. Again thanks to you all and best wishes. Norma.

Dear Norma

I've been using Sainsbury's for some months now, having weekly deliveries and, on the whole, it's been pretty successful. Also, Morrison's have been operating a 'doorstep delivery' service, which I've taken advantage of. - it's for the elderly and vulnerable and, laterally, they included students. Their number is 0345 611 6111 and choose option 5. You place your order which is delivered the following day between 10.00am and 6.00pm. It's been fairly reliable. Both stores offer substitutes, which I personally don't like, so decline. Perhaps I've just been lucky. I've always preferred to do my own shopping but until my husband and I have received our second dose of vaccine (30/3 and 16/4 respectively), we prefer not to take the risk of going out.

I hope you can sort out the difficulties with your deliveries soon.  I remember the great frustration and distress I felt last year after my return home from hospital at the start of the first lockdown, when we were trying to organise food shopping.

On another subject, how did your hospital appointment go recently? Hope all is well.

With very good wishes,

Anne xxx

Thanks for replying anne  I  havent got my results yet I had the scan a week ago and phoned today to speak to my doctor and the receptionist said the results havent arrived yet. She has arranged for the doctor to phone me monday afternoon proviiding they have arrived then. I will let you know as soon  as I get them. It is rather worrying waiting still no news is bad news as they say.  Thanks again Anne. All the best Norma. 

Hi Norma

The fact that your GP hasn't had the results yet, seems to me a good sign, as you say no news is good news. Love, Anne. xx