Problems on good side

Hi, I had a right side weakness from my stroke caused by a blood clot a few days before my 54th birthday. I have had so many pains over the last 9 weeks since I had it. To hear me no one would believe I wasnt a hyperchondriac. I have kept a diary so am able to count up horrid things that have now left me thank goodness. I have had pins and needles in all hands and feet from 2weeks after my stroke and also regular lower leg numbness on my left, not stroke side. This initially terrified me as made me think I was having another stroke. I have made good physical progress with my stroke side but why these problems? I do also feel very sad some days, frightened and have lost confidence but I hope this will improve in time. I have had most test results back, bloods and 24 hr heart monitor and 24 hr BP all OK just waiting for heart scan resuts which I cant help worrying about. Basically I just worry and am working hard not to live constantly in a stressed state, I default to living and breathing my health, Christmas etc has just been knocking at the door and I have had little interest in partaking. Only recently dare sit for more than an hour or so. I walk at least 5 mile a day do walking aerobics for 20/30 mins every day and have lost 2lb each week since it happened, no sweets, crisps, salt or chocolate and never really drank anyway and never smoked. I have got about twice as much again to loose. Hoping desperately Im doing enough not to have another. I'm now on Clopidogril, Amlodopine and Atorvastatin. I wonder could it be one of them causing good side probs.? Thanks in advance,CAS

Hi Carol Anne - So sorry to hear about your stroke.  My stroke was also a blood clot on the right middle of my brain which cause left arm, leg and core weakness.  Like you, I was put on Clopi and Amlopodine together with Rosuvastatin on leaving hospital.  I was also healthy, a non drinker and non smoker and went to aerobics and the gym regularly.

I was in and out of A & E for 3 months after my stroke with side effects from all the tablets.  Clopi caused me to be so weak, I was on the point of collapse all the time - both legs not just my stroke leg.  I also had gastric problems with both that and Amlopodine.  The statins also made me very weak and I couldn't get out of bed so this was another trip to A & e.  I was eventually taken off Clopi and put on aspirin - no problems. I now take Accupro BP tablets instead of Amlopodine with no side effects and I was taken off statins permanently as the hospital concluded I was allergic to them.  

Maybe it is your tablets that could be making you feel weakness?  I had to fight hard to get different tablets to suit me rather than what the GP wanted me to take.  I remember Christmas 2017 which was 3 months after my stroke and I really wasn't interested as I felt so ill but this Christmas was so much better.  Try not to despair.  Once you get your tablets sorted, your strength and confidence will return.  One warning I would give though is not to overdo it with the exercise.  You need to rest to recover. I eventually got back to the gym and ended up with a trapped sciatic nerve in 3 places on my good leg so back to going to hospital again but I've only myself to blame by pushing myself too hard so don't make the same mistakes as me!   Take care x 


Dear Carole

In my opinion you are doing everything you can, except the worrying unduly.

You might wish to consider your current problems in two parts. part 1 is the avoidance of another stroke and part 2 is the recovery from the effects of the stroke.

You are going great guns on part one. Sensible diet, exercise, taking the prescribed medicine. The first month we are, apparently, vulnerable but you have passed that with flying colours. In time you might try to review Clopidogril, atorvastatin and amplopidine. But probably early days for that. You need to be settled and you need to monitor your BP and pulse. Please note this is monitor and not obsess. Delighted you keep a diary. Pop in to that a weekly of two weekly BP and pulse.

I have no problem with clopidogrel. A minority of others do have a problem. I did a ten week check for side effects and it came up as no side effects, but thats just me. If it does affect you then low dose aspirin might be good, but please, only after discussion with your GP. I had a big problem with amlodopine and switched to ramipril, but again only with your GP. I got lots of aches and pains with the atorvastatin and have stopped. But I am older and I told my GP I would rather have 10 good years than 15 bad. I think it is probably too soon for you to be trying to deal with the mdication. But be assured there are options.

Now we come to part two and boy thats a big part. Recovery of physical movement seems OK for you (?) and so we will skip that one (BTY well done for keeping the movements going). Just ensure you are not overdoing it. I did too much walking and it set me back. You need to find your own level.

Recovery of all the cognitive stuff is the bigger nightmare. One thing most of us get is an irrational fear of another stroke. Probaly its instinct, but its not nice. I slept with the light on for several weeks, to quell my fears. It began to pass after about six weeks.

Then we have post traumatic shock. If that is a problem for you, ask for stroke specialist counselling. Then we have emotionality. Very common for tears to come at odd times, a real shaker for us blokes that never cry. Well we do now.  Again that will ease over the months. Then we come to stress. You could try relaxation. Also just smile, when you are in fear or stressed, then smile. It works wonders.

Stroke will release waves of depression. I can, and have, fought them off. I dont want that on top of all the other horrors we go through. And then all the odds and ends, that are pretty major odds and ends. Your brain is injured. It will repair some peripheral damage, but all of us have some level of permanent brain damage. The bad areas do not regrow. Its permanent. The saving grace is our wonderful brains will work around the dead bits. Whilst it is doing this, it wants to shut the rest of you down. It needs extra hydration. And endless rest. This is a slow process. Unbelievably slow. Hurry it too much and you go backwards. Bad shoulders, ears and just about every other bit of us, is wonky. But its not physical damage, its just the messaging system. I get toothache when there is nothing wrong with my teeth. Weird, but it eases, especially when you accept whats going on and tell your brain theres nothing wrong.

Well I rabbit on far too much so I will now stop.

Get proper sleep

Monitor your BP

Be positive

Smile a lot.

Best wishes



Hi Carole. As my good friends on here have said, Stroke is a very frightening experience. It unleashes all kinds of emotions and fears and your worries are all too familiar. Because of these, we become acutely aware of our bodies in a way we never have been before. The easiest way of thinking about this is to take view that the body is righting itself. 

I have no medical training but I know the brain is amazingly complex and can repair much damage. After my stroke, I had involuntary leg movements, throbbing pains in my weak hand, a problem finger on my good hand, pins and needles etc., etc.

Most if these have gone, but I still get little electrical charges in the weak leg and on the lower right side of my head. I treat these as all part of the healing process. Fears also ease with time, because you are still in early days.

Like you, I changed my diet and took up more exercise. I have felt the benefit. Please stay as upbeat as you can. Things will get better.

carol anne, the other survivors here will identify what you are going through, their comments I see have nailed it again.

your brain has been through a major  trauma.impacting the body too, let's remember how those 2 areas interact. you will have most likely lost a lot of confidence in your heal th and body, stress lurks around.

you/we get prescribed some fairly strong medication which is in every drop of our blood, side effects can add to our paranoid worries. I too recall becoming hypochondriac like in all areas of the body the affected side and non affected. I did notice though that they tended to flare up then disappear.

I can wear you down a lot. I developed a little saying to myself where instead of going into full on dread/sorry at the next ache and pain, that, ok il think, 'this too shall pass' and it always did and does. worries eased  confidence started to come.

sounds as though you are doing all the good things lifestyle wise, this helps too with the process. stay focussed on that, as time passes it will ease, you will adapt and get used to this new life altering situation. regain and enjoy the new life. embrace it. think of you dominating the stroke rather than it dominating you, if thst makes sense?

think positively as often as possible, it helps. 

things do improve I promise.

cheers. v.

Thankyou for that I will try and interesting that you had some problem with your good side as that is what concerns me a lot of the time.

Aw thankyou for that I feel you have sent me a smile in your reply. You are very kind and so good to get such encouragement.

Hi, Thankyou so glad after all your traumas you are in a better place. I do sometimes wonder if I am pushing myself too much and not resting I just find it hard to be at peace at present  Walking is when I feel at my calmest but I do use up much of my mental energy units increasing it all the time. I am going to see doctor on Friday and ask about whether medication could be causing good side problems. You are so kind responding. You take care too. 

Thankyou, such reassurance I shall be mindfull of that and your little phrase. So many kind helpful people.

We all know how you feel as we have been through the same.  In the first few months, your head is all over the place. This is because your brain is so busy re-wiring itself and keeping you going at the same time.  When you push yourself too hard, it is difficult for your brain to keep up so its automatic reaction is to shut you down so it can get some rest too!  Someone posted "Letter from the Brain"  and it makes you realise that you do need to look after it now.  Beware if you google it though as it will set you off sobbing - guaranteed!  Hope you got some joy with your GP x

Hi Colin, Read your lovely message again tonight as I so needed to , you are very logical and kind and I smile when I get to the smile part. Take care, Carole Anne

Hey, Colin, you help me in my understanding and that, too, is priceless! Thank you. X