Problem sucking through a straw

Today I had a cold ice drink in a cafe and was to my surprise I could not suck through the straw. Has anyone else had this problem ? Lillian.

Hello Lillian Im sorry I cannot help you with that problem I havent tried to drik through a straw but I have noticed I cannot whistle anymore and I could whistle very well at one tme and your purse your lips the same as when you drink with a straw so whether that is the same as your problem. I hope that has been some comfort to you. Norma Jean.

Hi.Norma Jean. Thank you for your reply. I can't whistle either but I don't think that I ever could!!! Regards Lilian

Just realised I addressed you asNorma Jean without the k I don't know if this makes any difference! Lilian

I am Norma Jean Lilian so you did the right thing once again Im sorry I cannot help you. Norma Jean

Thank you. Lilian