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Hi all! Not sure if this is an appropriate place to ask, but it’s worth a try…

My mother (85 years old) was diagnosed with a stroke in September, and recently re-admitted to hospital with a suspected further stroke.

There have been some issues with her care and communication from her doctors that concern me. Specifically, for various reasons my mother and I both wondered if she was having partial seizures in the aftermath. I requested an EEG and was told there were no seizures and it was not necessary.

When she was readmitted, a doctor diagnosed her with seizure activity and prescribed Keppra. We stopped due to side effects (with great resistance from the nurses), then her consultant told me she was diagnosed with seizures in September, when I queried this he agreed that yes the diagnosis of seizures was just this weekend and NOT September, but he refused to put her on any other anti-seizure medication, has refused to order an EEG, refuses to refer to neurology, and another doctor in the department has now said there are no seizures.

There is more of course, but that’s the gist!

All in all my mother and I are concerned about this and we would like to get copies of her notes and records reviewed by a private doctor for a second opinion. Happy (well, willing…) to pay handsomely for this, so long as it can be done quickly.

Essentially, I want a neurologist to review her notes, records and test results and give us independent advice as follows:

  • are these episodes strokes, seizures, or something else?
  • are any further investigations recommended?
  • can they suggest treatment?

We live in Northern Ireland. Neurology provision here is woeful, but I would be extremely happy for a neurologist in London or elsewhere to review her records “on paper” only without a physical exam.

Can anyone suggest a clinic or specific neurologist who could undertake this?


@smcf33 welcome to the forum although sorry your mum’s had a couple of strokes.
I’m not able to advise on neurologists in London area but it may be worth looking at somewhere like Kings College Hospital.
Perhaps give the Stroke Association a call as they may have details of places to try.
Hope you get the clarification you’re looking for.
Best wishes.

Hi Welcome to this forum. Sorry to hear of the problems your mum is having with her diagnosis. A hospital that might be worth considering is the
National Hospital for Neurology and Neuro Surgery , Queens Square in London which is the UK’s largest dedicated Neurological and Neurosurgical Hospital.

Good luck with your search.

Regards Sue

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Hi @smcf33

I have just joined this forum and was looking for info on seizures and your thread came up. I am interested as this is what is currently happening to my mum but we are in Scotland however, there is again a lack of neurologists, and no EEG is being suggested by anyone. Can I ask did you get help for your mum at all and any advice on how to get it? I am also happy to pay just to get the answers and right treatment for my mum who was a very fit and healthy 78 year old until 6 weeks ago when she had a stroke, recovered very very well until the seizures started about 2 weeks ago and now she is back in hospital. Thanks for any advice you may have.

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@Laddiechops i just wanted to pop by & say hi & welcome you to the forum.

Hope you get the answer to your question.

Wishing you & your mum all the very best.

Ann x

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