Private rehabilitation

My dad had a stroke 16/03 and was in ICU for 2 weeks so has been awake and on the acute neurology unit for just over 2 weeks. He’s ready for a bed at rehab but they said it could be weeks to wait.
I am trying to find private inpatient facilities around north Manchester but drawing blank.

Any suggestions/recommendations??

We are really worried that this wait will hinder his chance of a good recovery :persevere:

Lucy-After 3 1/2 years, I am still improving. So, I know that the brain rewires and keeps on learning and healing after stroke with work. There’s no cutoff time. But I have heard that the first six months is where you see the most improvement, but that doesn’t mean it stops after that. The sooner he can start rehab, the better, though. I hope you can find something soon. My prayers will be with you and your dad tonight. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

Thank you that’s reassuring to hear it’s still early days. He should get a bed within weeks so will still have a good chance of making a strong recovery :crossed_fingers:

My husband was unable to start rehabilitation for about 2.5 months following his stroke due to other complications but, especially since coming home, 8 months post stroke, he continues to make small improvements that are more evident when looking back at what he was like then. We are also looking for private rehabilitation, either residential or perhaps weekly visits. If anyone has tried private rehabilitation, I’d be pleased to hear of your experience. Many thanks

Thank you for your reply.
My dad is now home and having 3x physio sessions a week in his home. 1 of them being with a private physio. She’s amazing and he’s recovering well at the minute.

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Thank you @lucy_mccaslin, I am looking to get in a private neuro physiotherapist as community physio is very sporadic. Best of luck to you too.