Pricking feeling

Hi does anyone else get a pricking feeling over there body like someone has a sewing pin and they're lightly pricking random parts of your body (not just one sided) mainly legs and feet?? Keep itching the spots that are being pricked but there's nothing there. Help please!!

Hi - yes, me!  I'm going to the Drs on Weds. In the past, I have had a trapped sciatic nerve and it keeps flaring up to varying degrees. At the moment it doesn't hurt but the prickling feeling is all down the outside of my right leg (which is not my stroke leg) and my foot and around my groin on my left stroke side.  I don't expect my GP will do anything as he didn't last time other than prescribe painkillers but I don't have pain this time just a dead leg and foot which is annoying. It feels sometimes like I have rubber bands all around it and it's heavy.  Last time it was bad, I went to the Chiropractic and he sorted it in about 4 visits. So I may have to book to see him again.  I can get relief by having hot baths and stretching my bent knee up to my chest as far as possible but it is worse after physical exercise and worse if I sit for too long.  If you have a chiropractic near you, might be worth booking an assessment. The massage they do releases the nerve which helps it to heal. Hope that helps.

I help a victim recovering from a stroke, which they had 6mths ago, who has complained of the same thing recently, a sharp prickly feeling on their shins. Sometimes can see tiny red dots but probably caused by scratching the area. Medic said people can be over sensitive to feelings on the skin after a stroke but after using very mild steroid cream for a week the problem went away. Hope that helps.

In the months following his stroke, my husband had a few instances of waking up and getting out of bed convinced that something had stung him.  He couldn't be convinced that there was nothing in the bed, we had to strip the bed, shake all the bedding etc It made him really anxious.  Fortunately it only happened a few times, but the sensation was real to him.  I have subsequently attributed it to heightened sensitivity related to stroke.  Ripples in the pond  - so many odd little things that happen post-stroke, as the brain re-wires.