Power of attorney? Advice please

Hi,My Mum is about to be discharged from hospital.She had a major stroke mid-june ,a couple of days after her 86th birthday. She was very active and had always been described as defying her age . As her son and next of kin I am trying to deal with everything,without enough knowledge. I am told she will be placed in continuing health care,most likely in a nursing home ,as she would not be able to return to her appartment.

My Mum's swallowing has never recovered enough,she had a n.g nasal tube until recently they fitted a Peg feeding tube into her stomach.I am told she needs two people to help her sit up .Her speech is very garbled and they told me she only understands very simple instructions.

The discharge manager has advised me to get power of attorney. After looking into this I am confused as to what to do. My Mum does not have mental capacity to agree or understand giving me consent,which I believe is what I need. In this sittuation I think that I have to apply to be a deputy to the court of protection.This looks incredibly complex and expensive. I work part time and cannot afford any fees etc. So it looks like I will not be able to make any financial decisions etc on behalf of my Mum.I don't know where I go from here.Please could anyone advise me.


Citizens Advice or Age UK will help with form filling. There are fee reductions or fee remissions for low paid workers.


Thank you. I will contact them.

Sorry to hear this if you get in touch with your local CAB there have legal people who do not charge also there are organisations that offer free legal advice use the web to serif there is one near you. All the best des

Hi, sorry to hear about your mum's stroke. Can you apply for guardianship? My husband had this for his mum, it meant we could buy her clothes etc as long as we kept all receipts. Guardianship doesn't cost you. Good luck with getting this sorted.