Potin table

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I make the potin table to put it in my poly tunnel I make it lol love it :blush:


Thank you :blush: 5 strokes the first two the doc said to wife it’s not looking good .
We all do it’s best

A nice piece of solid engineering! Built to last!

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@sharris776 well done that looks just the job x

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Id like a potting table like that. Im lucky enough to have 3 allotment plots

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Brilliant, nice edges and lines. I hope to one day be at your standard. My vision is so poor, I made a door for a goose coop last week and completely mis-nailed a structure beam across the slats :crazy_face: Had to shear off about seven sharp nails sticking out the other side.

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I love it :heart_eyes: That’s a good solid looking table, a smaller scale of the workbench my hubby built in the garage. My birthday’s coming up in a couple weeks, wonder if he’d make me one :thinking: :laughing:

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I’ll have to post pics of the one I made from a pallet and fence posts. Its a tad heavy!
I plan to be our in the garden later today - if I remember…


Lol I do make mistakes too :wink::rofl: