Post Stroke Trauma PTSD Clinical Psychologist Recommendation?

Hi All
I am just wondering what help people have had for PTSD/Anxiety? My mum has been diagnosed as having this and it has been suggested she sees a clinical psychologist, but the problem is it will be at least a year (if at all) before she gets any help on the NHS. We are more than happy to pay for help if the right person can be recommended - so I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for online clinical psychologist or someone who is good in West Scotland/Ayrshire where my mum is based ? thank you in advance.

@Laddiechops i can’t recommend anyone as I am on a very long waiting list to see someone myself but try ringing the Stroke Association helpline. They might be able to provide you a list of recommended providers.

Good luck xx

Hi, sorry to hear that your mum is struggling.
I was also diagnosed with PTSD by my GP but was unable to see a clinical Psychologist near to me. In the end I did a self referral to MIND and started my sessions shortly after. I was given 7 weeks of counselling and although I didn’t get to see a clinical Psychologist I did find the sessions very helpful and spent an hour every Tuesday afternoon in floods of tears but was able to open up to someone who wasn’t directly involved in my life.

I have the most amazing husband and 3 grown up children but don’t like to open up to them when I’m feeling down, as I’m always afraid of upsetting them.

I hope your mum is feeling better soon and that you manage to get her some counselling near to her.

Regards Sue

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Well ptsd is part of my Disability and really has me set back on lot stuff

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