Post Stroke Seizures (PSS)

Has anyone suffered from post stroke seizures? This maybe an old topic. The first started in hospital about3/4 weeks in the affected leg. The physios called it clonus. After I came home I’ve had 3, these were the whole left size (including face droop). Initially. I went to hospital as my wife and I panicked and scared it was another stroke. I had a CT scan and blood test. All ok. They are alarming to have. After a follow up appointment with one of the stroke doctors from hospital where I first went to; he prescribed AED (antiepileptic drugs), namely Levetiracetam 250mg/ 1 then twice a day. My stroke doc advised me several seizures mean a type of epilepsy. Hence, I am not allowed to drive for a year since the last one.

Apparently it’s due to the scar where my bleed was. Signals can’t get through properly or as the American Stroke Association call it; disorganised electrical activity! Mine were focal seizures - muscle twitches.

So far, since Christmas Eve, 2x dosage works. :grinning: yay

My seizures lasted 1-2 minutes before my limbs were ok. The face droop was 20-30 seconds in length. Also, the home ones were at night. 2 x it woke me up. The others I was sitting down, with legs up.

If you’re getting these, ring your GP,ASAP, to speak to and be prescribed the right treatment.

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@mikey903 sorry you’re getting post stroke seizures. I really hope the meds stop them for you. They myst be scary.

I don’t get them :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: but have heard of people who do. It seems reasonably common.

Really hope your meds can control them.

Best wishes


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Hi @mikey903

If you use the magnifying glass above and search for your query IE post stroke seizures you will get 40 hits

Some of those if not all of them will give you more information than you will get replies to any particular post


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:+1: thanks Simon, I’ll mooch through. So far the meds are working.