Post stroke pain

Hi all

I am in my 6th month recovery after my stroke. I spent 8 weeks in an NHS hospital then a further 4 weeks in a rehabilitation centre.

My stroke was L cerebellar infarct Nov 22 2021, then recurred a few days later,  L vertebral artery (L VA) occlusion, likely arterial dissection from neck injury.

The pins and needles, burning, freezing sensation down my rigt side, arm, hand,leg and foot has recently got really bad, so bad i have to take medication at night to sleep. 

I have tried Pregablin and Lamotrigine but they havent had any affect. I would be very interested to know what medication is being taken by other forum members and hear any news from members with similar problems.

I am desperate to try and at least get the sensations back to the level i was experiencing when i was discharged from rehab!! The numbness, burning sensation is almost preventing me from doing my daily physio routine now.


Hi there. I am five years post stroke. My problems was fingers. When movement returned to my left hand I had pain every night,probably because the fingers weren't in use. I was put on Baclofen, which worked, but one of the side effects listed was bad withdrawal symptoms after long use. I decided to wean myself off Baclofen and one night decided to go with the pain to see how long it lasted. It stopped after one and a half hours.

What I can say is that pain goes over time as the brain re-wires itself. My only problem with my left hand now is lack of sensitivity, but I live with that.

Hi John

Thanks for the message and im glad you are now pain free. I really hope that my pain eventually dissapears or at least they can find medication to reduce it!!