Post Focal Seizures

The effects of my stroke seemed to have an impact on me after I was discharged from hospital. What are peoples experiences of post focal seizures. For me they are very frightening as if re-living the stroke, numb arm, numbness, spasm and tingling in legs and concering sensations in the head. I am on seizure medication for this.

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Dear Smichael

Discharge from hospital, and medical clearance, is the first step of a long journey ahead. I assume you had a full stroke and not a TIA.  One of the many common features of stroke survival is an irrational fear of a second stroke. I think this is your brain deciding that it doesnt like a stroke and trying to warn you off another. Or instinct. It is a horrible feeling. The good news is that it fades away over a few weeks or a few months. I dont know what a post focal seizure is. 

Strokes have a huge impact on most of us. We have to learn so much about stroke recovery. And this is not a quick recovery. Anything you want to ask then by all means do so. Lots of us are here to support our fellow strok survivors,


That sounds frightening, and I am glad I do not get it.  I only get a bit light headed now mainly due to blood pressure.  I think I would go back to your GP or get an appointment with your stroke dept at your local hospital as if you are on medication for it then should you still be getting them?

I would also speak to Stroke coordinator if you have one or ring the Stroke association help line.

Best of luck with your journey to recovery.


Hi Wendy, 

Great to hear from you.I am increasing my dosage by 25mg every fortnight until I get to 100mg as seizure meds are given gradually in dose over time. Too much in one go can apparently increase seizures. I’ve noticed dramatic improvement, seizures are no way aggressive than earlier days. Now monitoring blood pressure as it was a little high and told to return to doctor if concerned. Take care.

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Hi Colin, 

You are so true about recovery, it’s long and unknown. I find this difficult having been an active person, multi tasking, always on the road. My OT is amazing helping me to judge what is and isn’t doable. I overdid it the over day and the post fatigue proved detrimental the next day. Big lesson. 

The seizures are due to abnormal brain activity, apparently small percentage of stroke survivors experience this, mainly those who had haemorrhagic stroke although mine was ischemic.

This is a great group, thanks for reaching out, hope to hear and learn from others. We are not alone!








It is all a big culture shock isnt it. Many declare they are fit and well. The blunt truth is that only those who are fit and well are likely to survive. We are those people. Age is irrelevant. Babies have stroke before they are born. 

I find that when I "overdo" or equally if I have insufficient sleep, then its the next day is poor and then the the day after that.

We need to establish the sleep that is right for us then get hat sleep and stick to it. Took ages to do that and its so tempting to stay up late. But adequate sleep is essential. And adequate hydration.

Best wishes