Possible tia stroke January 23

Yesterday i was take by ambulance to a & e with suspected tia. My speech being slurred. I was seen by a dr who basically discharged me saying he would write to my dr to say see me in a week amd the possibility of mri. Im home today and feel back to my “normal”. Im sitting here terrified ive had one serious stroke and when you google for information its terrifying. He said you are already on thinners but i was the time before because ive got atrial fibrillation!


Hi @Veggiepatch

Last time I had a wobble I cut out A&e and just went straight for the 75 mg aspirins and added that to my daily regime that way I saved 13 hours in a corridor and some frustrating conversations…

I’m not for a second advising or suggesting that’s appropriate in your case

Very sorry to hear you’ve had a suspected TIA. If you have AF then I believe most modern smart watches can monitor for it but I don’t know what you can do about it beyond be aware.

I imagine your anxiety is at peak at the moment. I would suggest " the squeaky wheel gets the grease " suggests that you should be banging on your GP’s door demanding a reasoned pathway eg an MRI and follow ups like treatment & advice and care and comfort including anxiety management

Some info here: Atrial fibrillation - Treatment - NHS


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@Veggiepatch sorry to hear you’ve had a suspected TIA & hope you’re feeling much better today.

I had a suspected TIA before Christmas & I couldn’t face A&E so saw my Dr who referred me to the TIA clinic after giving me a lecture about going to A&E next time because you jever know at that point whether it will turn out to be a full stroke.

I was put on aspirin for a month in addition to my clopidogrel & had an MRI & bloods done at the TIA clinic. Other than that I was told that I’m on all the right treatment & there was nothing more I or they could do to stop it happening again, if it was going to, as I had no risk factors.

It is worrying when it happens but sounds like they’re going to make the right referral & even though it is worrying all you can rely do is wait.

I’d advise against googling as you can scate yourself silly with that. Try & get a GP appointment so you can talk through your concerns & ensure a follow up is done.

In the meantime if anything else happens go straight to A&E again.

Best wishes

Ann x

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Theyve given me an mri just waiting for dr to come back to me. I took aspirin too despite already being on thinners


Its really scary ann. Its more scary than when i had the first full stroke.


Really hope you get some reassurance ftom the scan etc. I worried quite a lot after my suspected TIA but that has eased over time but is always lurking. Hopefully you’ll find the fear eases in time too xx

I hope so ann. I still haven’t heard the mri report. Im really worried, i keep thinking about the first stroke i had. Im not driving as the dr told me not to for a month


Hospital called earlier been give a telephone appointment with my stroke consultant for 2 tomorrow

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Good luck for the appointment. Hope you get some answers& they put your mind at rest a bit xx

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