5 months down the line after my stroke I am struggling to stay positive, I spend a lot of time in bed dwelling on things. I get fed up as I can no longer do the hobbies I enjoyed because my left arm and hand is paralysed.

I liked crocheting but cannot find a device to replace my left hand.

Hi Jane have you thought about getting some acrylic paints and paint pebbles ,I had some given to me as a present ,they are great to do I'm not good at it but I enjoy it then I put them in the garden ...pippy ..

Hello Jane,

I had a similiar dip six months after, when neuroplasticity starts to wind down, progress gets slower after five-six months. I understand the feeling well, things I used to do like foraging for mushrooms, pruning, gardening with vigour, have all had to take a backseat while I sort out my recovery progress and new limitations. Rumination is obstructive to moving forwards, it's difficult to put aside, and I do it too. I had a period of two months where I defaulted to being in bed. I had severe lethargy and a general feeling of ennui about everything, the effort involved. Gradually, I have now got tired of feeling that way and started to make small improvements, I've had to adjust my past time activies and discover new ones, even thinking about new ones that are achievable is a positive way to distract the mind. Five months is still very early in the recovery timeline, and there is a lot to focus on recovery while other things are left on the backburner. 


Thanks will try it x

Thanks rips xx

Tups !! Oops stroke text!! Hi 

I’d like to see a place on this forum which has suggestions for activities worth trying out.
It won’t be a one size fits all thing but with enough input it might be possible to find something that will, even if only temporarily, keep those ‘positive vibes’ a-buzzin’.