Positive thinking 🤔 Do they work for you?

I’ve had lots of chats about positive thinking and generally in life I’m a positive person! However Since my stroke in November I’ve struggled to get the grey clouds away! This week though I’m hoping I’m turning a corner ( more s slight bend though!) and am really trying to turn it around .It began with wise words from someone off here (forgotten who sorry!!) But I appreciated them!!
I’m just wondering what you guys think and any wise advice??
Sam x :blush:


I would say you are being positive just by coming on to the forums and wanting to join in. Sometimes when I come on I get a lift in my mood just by being on here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Sammy1 (& @sunnyday )

For me…
If they are genuine then yes, they have to be plausible.

It makes a big difference if I’m telling them to myself or if somebody else is telling them to me too.

A glib “you’ll have no problems” or something similar from someone else is a big turn off. It tells me they aren’t observing, aren’t listening, aren’t aware of what it’s like to live in my head

Look up toxic positivity for another angle on disingenuous words

Negativity is definitely an unwelcome message with a potential to be self-fulfilling.


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I can’t offer a way to keep a good patch going or drive bad vibes away, but it helps to realise that life is all about ups and downs.

You need to watch out for the good times and use them well.

Rest, hunker down and take care of you and yours when things aren’t going so well.

Don’t expect it to always go your way, but be grateful when it does.

You are not alone, everyone else is going through this. Be kind to yourself and to one another.

Keep on keepin’ on
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@Sammy1 it’s a big change and it’s hit me emotionally. Normally I don’t let things bother me too much. My positivity is things could have been much worse but I’m still here. Ye going to be a lot of changes with everything going on with me but hey the Drs and meds hopefully get me sorted. Being on the forum here helps me.

Take care


I do generally believe in the power of positive thinking. Not sure I always demonstrate it though.

There will be many ups & downs along the recovery road but as time moves on you’ll probably have more positive than negative thoughts.