Positive Outlook - It inspired me

One day at a time is all we should be dealing with.

We can’t go back to yesterday and we can’t control tomorrow, so live for today.

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@a.clare71 that is so true. One day at a time is best way to deal with life. Much less stressful :grin:


Yes, I always say at bedtime -‘I will get up in the morning and see what I can do’.


AClare71, Wise words indeed, I’m going to take on board. Moira

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Hi @a.clare71. Having a positive outlook is so important. My mantra that helped me is similar -“today is the first day of the rest of my life”. Let’s see what we can do… Best wishes Julia x

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Good advice I am new to this forum but had my stroke on Boxing Day last year some days are good and like I sure you all gone through there as been some bad days but you have to pick yourself up and like you said take it day at time one frustrating things for me as been lack of help from my GP so due to this I am only just starting physio treatment after nearly eleven months but I had to let it go or I would only cause myself more harm from getting stress over it so yes it’s about taking one day at time

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@Kaz61 welcome to the forum. Its a shame its taken 11 months for you to get the physio you need but you are so right about not stressing over these things. The only person it affects is you & you still dont get your physio any sooner. Easier said than done though. Really hope the physio gives you the help you need.
Best wishes.


Thank you Ann yes stress is not good anyone and even more so if you had stroke so learnt let go of things been through lot of up and downs in last eleven months mentally as well as physically which I guess all stroke victims do but I am luck as I am still mobile with use of stick as the ischaemic stroke I had effected my left side and I have osteoporosis on right side effecting my right hip and knee do puts me completely of balance so really need physio to help strengthen my muscles on both legs I also been diagnosed with heart failure to so need to avoid stress but I know there are people out there lot worse of then me so just have to take it day at time and plan to make the most of rest of my life mange to lose four stones in weight since the stroke and been diagnosed with heart failure so I am living everyday of my life as best as I can and trying to get through my bucket list to be positive as I can and make everyday count day at a time

@Kaz61 wow you’ve got some challenges to desl with there. Staying positive is the best way to be although it can be difficult sometimes. I often think i can’t change what has happened but i can influence how i deal with it. Wishing you all the best & look forward to hearing how you get on xx

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Thank you Mrs5k the only way to deal with most things like someone else said one day at time