Pork pies

My left hand is very wonky and irritates me beyond. I cook mostly using my right hand and use my left as a steadying hand. Today I made hand raised pork pies. They turned out quite well considering. Sorry photo is upside down

They look amazing to me. I don't think I could make anything as good.

Keep up the good work.

Will you be cooking for Christmas?


Yes Kay....roast beef, roast farm shop veg followed by a Buche de Noel for dessert. Gin and tonic first,then cava with the meal. Then a nap,

Hi Kay - I agree, I know I would struggle to make anything look so photogenic!! Mine would look as though they'd been rolled around the floor ?

I'm sure I could help out with the Buche de Noel - I'll find a little space in my tummy ? xx

John, you are always ambitious, and put me to shame when it comes to cooking.  I can't imagine how you're going to tackle the Buche de Noel, but I know you'll find a way, you've probably already been plotting and planning your strategy!!  Will swearing be involved, or is that little sin saved exclusively for changing the duvet!!!

I'm making a recipe I've done about 3 times before, but I know I'll manage to have a major meltdown at some point in the process ??

Now you've got our tummies rumbling, we will all expect to see photos of the finished product ?



I've made the Buche de Noel several times since my stroke. My philosophy is, you don't know how hard it is until you try. And, yes, there will probably be swearing, because sometimes my good hand can be as unreliable as my bad one.

I think, like many survivors, you have to plan things in advance and take the simplest route you can. So our lunch will be beef done in the slow cooker, roasted carrots, potatoes and parsnip  done in our Remoska plus red cabbage with apples and spices. Our starter is a posh Waitrose soup and the old Buche de Noel will be made the day before.

On Boxing Day, we're eating out at a local hotel. All shopping done in order to avoid large crowds. Overall, a very quiet Christmas.

Best wishes to you all.

I am full of admiration, they look so tempting, I aorepork pies.  I still cannot summon up any enthusiasm for cooking yet.  Despite my halls  being decked with boughs of holly, classic FM carolling merrily, actually it is only one hall and sprigs of holly but I still don't feel up to producing the usual pavlova, chocolate fudge cake and an apple and mincemeat cake (a delicious standby to serve with coffee and or mulled wine).It is going to be next year.  The only thing I have made since theTIA IS no sugar sconesas my husband has type 2 diabetes. Talking about food has made me feel hungry, and Classic FM are belting A Toccata, sounds more wedding than Christmas.  I had an Aunt Joyce who used to vanish to the piano if the was washing up to be done and belt out the toccata.



That sounds great ?. 


Buche de Noel would be bought from Marks and Spencer if it was me.

You're such an inspiration for us SS's not to think small but go for it. Enjoy and have a fabulous time 

Kay ? ??

Hi Nic,

I would struggle making hot water crust pastry let alone the filling then getting them to stand up. Melton Mowbray anyone? ??

Thank you Kay. The worst thing we survivors can do is 'not do' if that makes sense. That doesn't mean that every day is not challenging, far from. Some days getting up is an act of bravery. I am lucky that my partner doesn't put up with any slacking. If I haven't had my daily walk off my own bat I get sent out on one.

It's not for everyone, but cooking keeps me sane. Buche de Noel sounds grand and complicated, but, basically, it's a glorified Swiss roll. I will tackle it in stages.

I do miss the life I enjoyed before stroke, but, growing older, I couldn't have sustained it anyway. I can relive the memories, though, and continue to make new ones.

Have a good Christmas.

John Jeff you are so right, we must keep doing, use it or lose it, the choice is yours.  I set myself small goals, to get myself walking on our estate I started with walking past one garden and back, then two, then three etc until I managed a whole block. I have the probably unachievable aim at the age of 77 of getting back on the tennis court, I haven't played for 18 months, but I still have my racquet.

what I have done is achieved a manicure and pedicure with glitzy nails to prove it.  To achieve that I drove for the first time since my TIA. Another hurdle overcome.  It was blissful to be pampered and polished, so much nicer than the Chiropodists.

Very glamorous ?.

What an awesome achievement keep up the good work. 

Your friends and family will soon have on the list of "taxi" drivers at mate rates.

Have a wonderful Christmas 

Kay ??

Well done you. That was exactly how I started walking. First day as far as next door's drive and back, second day the next house and so on till I reached the end of the road. Then I turned the corner literally. I can now walk reasonably, but some days better than others. Never give up, never give in!

You and your partner sound like a dream team.

I agree with you that life isn't always easy. Technically I have nearly gone to heaven, 4 times with various illnesses and accidents.  But my family know I'm too stubborn and nosey for that just yet. After my stroke I wasn't expected to stand unaided let alone walking with  a frame or climb stairs.

No one told me that so I did what I had to do.

Long may we all continue to do the unexpected. Lifes to interesting to always do what's expected ??



I have the set back of open heart surgery. So my walking has gone back to a hundred yards or so. I recalled the early days of stroke recovery and how i built up walking by going a little further each walk. I got past a mile.

now i am using the same technique to get the legs moving. This morning i reached number 138 of the long road where i live. Tomorrow i will do 134. 
this mornings walk was doubtful as i felt i might fall. Muscles to hold my legs upright are very weak.

but i persevered and made it. It does cheer me up.

it is important not to do too much, as a relapse does seem to push recovery back a long way.

I have also copied your cookery encouragement.

Rosemary cooks the meals but a helping hand is important.

i decided i would do glazed carrots for christmas day. Last night was practice.

i will change the sugar, but last nights were edible. Rosemary is not that set on carrots but she did eat her half of the carrots and reckoned they are the best she has ever had. 
so thats my task on xmas day...portions of glazed carrots.

my point is that the postings you put on here do help.

so thank you john and a happy christmas to you and your other half.

keep smiling

we are not alone


I have nail polish envy ?  Pipgran, those nails are fabulously funky and you are Christmas-Ready ??

Thank you Colin, the same to both of you. My effort today was mince pies. Feeling a bit shattered now

Thank you Colin, the same to both of you. My effort today was mince pies. Feeling a bit shattered now

And i have tennis envy pipgran. I played a lot of social tennis and i miss it. It will have to stay missed, no way can i run again. My come back aged 48;was hard enough so no chance this time around.

They look magic.

here is my much loved cat....