Politics, I know you shouldn't . .

I know it is naughty and it isn’t even nice, but . . .

. . . does it not seem to you that things have become somewhat detached from reality?

We have supposedly astute politicians competing to become Prime Minister and in effect to take the blame for the rather dreadful state of affairs both in and around our country. Do they not realise what this means?

‘We are looking for a Patsy, a fall guy or gal, someone who will accept responsibilty for our dire situation - a nice smile would be an asset, but at the first sign of a tear or a sniffle, as what is happening dawns, you will be out, out, out.’

Since Cameron walked away, himself realising that to stay meant having to face reality, we have had a small procession of losers, self-deluders, who could do nothing but fail.

I think Cameron should be re-instated whether against his will or not and made to accept the consequences of his actions and kiss that pig’s head he reportedly defiled back when.
Let the punishment fit the crime.

Would I become Prime Minister? you gotta be joking, squire.

We must not look and see things as they really are. No discussion about this must occur.
I smell something of the odour of Emperor’s New Clothes, methinks.

Of course it could be the Stroke talking.
I’m no revolutionary.
I shiver with fear when I’m ordered to.

oh well,

. . . keep on keepin’ on



Morning @Bobbi. I am completely unable to understand what is going on. For once I do not blame my stroke it’s because it’s all a mess and you couldn’t make it up🙄 Julia x


was going to put this on the “warm banks” thread but I can’t find it so I’ll put it here. I have been using the local library as a comfortable place to hide out while waiting for the bus and have enjoyed reading John Prescott’s autobiography while there. The days when “Things Can Only Get Better” do seem a rather long time ago.

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@JuliaH - as if life couldn’t be more complex. I do feel there is an air of, for the want of a better word, normality about this Forum and the people in it.
@FionaB1 I’ll keep it warm for you here Fiona. When you, eventually, stumble across ‘Warm Banks’ again you could put a copy in there too.

take care both of you, and thank you kindly for the comments.


I think the current situation is shambolic at best & I’ve never known anything like it.

I vote @Bobbi for PM. :grin:


I think Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister is an astute crash course in modern politics.


I think the £115k per year for the rest of their lives might have something to do with it. That is what WE are going to be paying Liz Truss for her 45 days of being PM. I saw yesterday that ALL of the former PMs that are still alive are still drawing this money…even Blair who has earned millions advising dictators and other profitable speaking engagements. Funny how politicians tough decisions never involve any personal sacrifices isn’t it?

ETA: To be fair, I didn’t see Theresa May on the list… so maybe not quite all. Respect to her if she isn’t fleecing us in this way

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Ha i could not agree with you more perhaps if politicians from top to bottom were to live on the average wage they may see the struggles of every day life i fear now we have the richest pm in power things will most likely get worse for us lesser mortals and better for the fat cats same old story from days gone by we need to evolve and not keep revolving

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He took a gamble on a referendum and it backfired because it was a referendum based on immigration, not on leaving the trade organisation that we were in i.e. the EU as a consequence it has had a massive impact on what we are now seeing.

If I had a tenner for every time I have said ‘I told you so’…

I just hope that in time (sooner rather than later!) someone can get the country out of the more it is currently in.

Anyway enough is enough from me…I might start a revolution…

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