Poetry anthology for stroke

Hi, does anyone know any good poetry about stroke, or poetry written by a stroke survivor? I’m thinking of making an anthology of ‘recovery’. Thanks!

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In my first year of recovery I wrote a poem every day about my thoughts and feelings. Why not try that? It’s good therapy.

Stroke of Luck.

You seem to think I have a lot

Of something I just haven’t got.

The stuff of me before the flood,

That made my banks of memory mud,

And breached the damn of no return;

The damned of much new stuff to learn!

How to eat and how to talk,

Raise my arm and try to walk,

How to logically explain

I’ll never be the same again,

Since the time when I awoke

From the timely luck of stroke.


New Year.2022.

I had mine in 2020.
I’ve been writing poetry since I was a kid.
I’m 70 this year and it’s fascinating to compare what I wrote before my stroke to what I write now. There are plenty of clues in the poetry as to why I was going to get a stroke!
If you’re interested I’ll send you some and give you the context; that will explain what I mean.

Stay safe.

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