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This is to gauge opinions of forum users on whether their posts should be capable of showing within search engines. Just to add your vote is totally confidential.


There is a mechanism (PS I can log in again don’t know what that was about… Would someone like to see if they can access my profile again now?.)

There is a mechanism in discourse - this platforms underlying software - That is not enabled which if set would allow people to post anonymously when they chose not to have their emotional needs publicly visible.

Like all of the conversations we attempt to have about how best we can give fellow wobblers #StrokeWarrior #StrokeThrivers support and perhaps where that overlaps with how the forum features are administered we have no venue where this sort of topic can be discussed except either in the open - arguably not best for all interests, or in the lounge - a totally underused asset that I have suggested to Nicola would be a good place for all those who have reached Regular TL3 can act as representative of the rest of the community to discuss things, or by creating a elected body of representatives which the stroke association appears completely disinterested in.

I got the impression that discussions in a quasi medical community be ‘closed’ was a legal requirement in the US. You are perhaps suggesting it is a moral or ethical obligation that is not being met by your question above? I would agree with that.


To whoever might read whatever I write here.

Who am I?

I am happy that what I write on this forum is visible to Joe Public. This is not just about me and those who have been through this experience, it is also about those who do not know what this is.

When I joined this online community I was informed that the posts here are generally visible. (Though there are areas only accessible to those with membership.)

I choose to write here. I do not offer any details that personally identify myself.

I feel that the sort of thing that can be read here is not something I want to have hidden away. Life can be tough, but also have its triumphs and joys. I definitely do want it to be generally known what existence for those affected by stroke can be like.

I truly believe that the more people who see this the better.

Of course specific personal details should not be available for sharing, but I think the Stroke Association does a pretty good job of handling that.

There are only a handful of forum users who publish their private self-identifying information and as far as I know they are informed again, sometimes several times, that this is contrary to guidelines.

We are mostly responsible adults and we are allowed autonomy despite our disability. This I feel is perfectly fair.

I have discussed with others a particularly uncomfortable wee infection. It isn’t something I would normally talk about in public but I feel I have sufficient anonymity here to be quite free in discussing this matter. It became apparent that people who have had stroke are susceptible to this and other complaints. Such information need not be hidden away, in fact open discussion in my opinion is a more healthy option. I described how the condition plunged me into depression in addition to discomfort both of which immediately lifted after a couple of days on antibiotics. Whoever heard of antibiotics relieving depression?

I suppose it is possible to view all this as an exclusive club, but I would rather view my existence as being a member of a much larger club, namely, the human race. Being a part of that is full of opportunity and offers a future which might be mysterious but is not daunting. I have my story and I want and need to tell it.

Everything is subject to consequences. Even locking yourself away and out of reach will have results of its own.

Fresh air and light can often relieve what ails us.

keep on keepin’ on
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I’m not sure where I sit with this, on one side I am not adverse to having the forum readable without needing to register, as I find online closed communities to be contrary to how I see the internet being beneficial to the collective user knowledge base. I’ve tried doing some cursory searches and have come to the conclusion that it is fairly difficult to reach portions of this forum as a human user, I would be more concerned about algorithm bots collecting data that might be misleading. However, that would also be possible from within the forum, even if gated. I choose to have my profile name and picture relatable to the person that is me behind the computer, if I didn’t want that I could just as easily use a moniker and have an abstract badge, I could say I’m from North Wales, and I feel that would pretty much obscure my identity enough to post freely on whatever matter mattered most. On the flip side, that would make a fairly glacial forum as we benefit greatly from seeing ourselves reflected in others, particularly by name and face, our brains are known for being magnetised by the familiar. Then again, I did do a piece to camera for the Stroke Association, so I guess I’m already out there on the record.


When I signed up it was made clear that posts are visible on internet & if i recall correctly it encouraged us to pick a username rather than our real name. That is also the reason why people are discouraged from using personal info & putting any personal details in a post. So i guess i’m saying everything i’ve posted is fully in the knowledge that it can be accessed via google or other search engine.


I think this needs to be come with conditions. Can Google find a post but a user needs to register to read the entire thing? How about AI which is making search engines redundant as they scrape all of the info from websites? How can this be blocked by the SA?


I think that’s a very good point emg.

I almost wonder if it’s worth posting a blatant lie in your details ?


i would not like any posts i make to be in the public domain. big brother knows too much already! we post personal details, feelings, troubles trusting what is posted is safe within the security and confidentiality of the stroke ass.

i do want a rant for the above off people please. i have already started not posting because of this