Please stop snowing

Opened my door and snow again so got cardigan on and very slowly walked to house from my anex had to really be careful once on patio as one slip and game over as everyone at school or work plus the cold getting really fed up now


Yes, it is something we could do without. I am on the edge of tomorrow’s amber snow warning and certainly in a yellow warning area. That is me grounded!

Few flurries here but not settled
Aberdeen looked bad but pretty on people’s Facebook’s this morning

This morning’s scene

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Just not enough of the white stuff to build a snowman sadly but my car did look festive-ish



About 1” down here in Sussex but now gone but damp and dismal but birds not bothered and chirping away. But woodstove on go again


Looks great and very festive but its March 9th!!! Its quite heaavy here in snowy Merseyside!!!

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Snowy here inRugby. Just cancelled by lift to go to a U3A meeting bit disappointed but will go on zoom to a chat stroke meeting. Also think I am going to pull out of an outing to Richard iii in Leicester. However I managed to get to two hospital appointments this week be fore it snowed. Hope it soon goes, realise there are many worse areas than Rugby though.

What snow that stuck here in Bolton this morning has already melted. Had a celebration to go to tomorrow night over in Liverpool has been postponed due to so many having drive long distance. This was going to be first “long distance” drive since the TIA :frowning_face: I’m both relieved and gutted about at the same time :disappointed_relieved::laughing:

No snow here in Cheshire , just sleet. There was just enough to cause my husband to decide I wasn’t safe walking and unfortunately had to be pushed in my wheelchair. Once again resorted to walking in the house!!! Lilian

It’s been horrible here today but melting now. More expected overnight though i think. Just about made it to my hospital appointment.
Hope everyone is keeping safe & warm xx

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Just got very windy here too. Think i’m going to hibernate for a couple of days :blush::blush:

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Been on all day since 9am

It’s been lovely and bright here in Oban with no snow but boy is it cold, better to look at from the window than actually be out in


Hi could you tell me more about 3au meetings thanks mick

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It’s a self-help organisation, “operating at local, regional and national levels, for older people who are no longer in full-time employment and who retain an interest in life-long learning and social recreation in the company of like-minded friends” :smile:.

I know I am a member. When I was in good shape I ran several groups but now I have no transport so it’s a bit difficult. I also have serious mobility issues and locations can be problematic! However thanks for making the suggestion I am sure some people will find it helpful.

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Woops, sorry, that was actually meant for @Mickyboy he was the one asking about it :laughing: :blush:
My brain and keyboard fingers are still a work in progress…gets me out of a multitude :sweat_smile: