Please help me

@Francine-13 sorry to hear you’re feeling alone.

Have you ever looked the Stroke Association Support Groups? Have a look at this link and search for groups that might be in your area.

They also have a Here for you service where someone will call you for a chat.

There are also online activities run by Stroke Association where you xan join a quiz or exercise group etc.

@SimonInEdinburgh runs a weekly zoom meeting on a Thurs which i’m sure he’d be happy for you to join.

Thu zoom cafe

@Bobbi also holds a zoom meeting. Bobbi are you able to supply the link please?

If you have difficulty getting out then do you have something like a dial a ride service in your area who you can book to pick you up & take you somewhere.

You may also want to look at Age UK who have social groups.

Or even just look at places locally like village halls, libraries etc who run groups.

You can also post on here and someone will respond.

Take care

Ann x