Please help me

Can someone help me please i am alone no one wants to take me out, to talk, to cook, eat, to go away for weekend and to have fun. I am alone


@Francine-13 sorry to hear you’re feeling alone.

Have you ever looked the Stroke Association Support Groups? Have a look at this link and search for groups that might be in your area.

They also have a Here for you service where someone will call you for a chat.

There are also online activities run by Stroke Association where you xan join a quiz or exercise group etc.

@SimonInEdinburgh runs a weekly zoom meeting on a Thurs which i’m sure he’d be happy for you to join.

Thu zoom cafe

@Bobbi also holds a zoom meeting. Bobbi are you able to supply the link please?

If you have difficulty getting out then do you have something like a dial a ride service in your area who you can book to pick you up & take you somewhere.

You may also want to look at Age UK who have social groups.

Or even just look at places locally like village halls, libraries etc who run groups.

You can also post on here and someone will respond.

Take care

Ann x


Hi Sorry to hear you are feeling alone. Hopefully you will find something that is useful to you among the suggestions Ann has listed above.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Regards Sue


Hi Francine-13 We are all chums here , you are not alone. Stroke is a life changer for all of us and we battle to come to terms with it. From year one I counted my blessings daily often would go out for a walk and mutter to myself. “ Right ten positives !” Great , life’s not to bad. Over the years there have been posts like yours. What to do ? Keep posting here, bit by bit things move on. As some wise sage said. ‘ All things must pass, you will move on, things will get better. If you can contact your local Stoke support group. Don’t be afraid to ask a neighbour or relative to help you find connection. But keep posting here . **


Sorry i have not phoned you i have just been crying i feel alone. I need someone to hug me.

Thank you all for helping me to talk ( typing) to me


Francine Hello,

I don’t know what to suggest. I am surrounded by a reasonable amount of people / friends, and I also feel like you. Being trapped in a body which has had a stroke is tough… it’s about the same as prison. The only thing I can feel at peace with is rehab ; that way I’ll make my way out of prison. If you can connect with nature it helps,

good luck, Roland


I am so sorry you are still feeling so alone after all this time. Have you not talked about this with your family, I’m surprised they are not doing more for you. Do you actually talk to them about your feelings of loneliness?

As well as all the contacts @Mrs5K has provided. There is also your local council, GP surgery and social services who can provide you with the information and resources to social care within your community. They can tell you what is available locally such as day care/drop in centres, transport to get you there etc.

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Zoom on Friday evening at 7.00 pm for an hour or two.
A friendly small group – you are very welcome to meet us.
The joining details are below.

Link to join the Zoom Meeting on the above day & time:

Meeting ID: 742 6516 3394
Pass code: zoglogin

. . . and @Francine-13 if you can’t make Friday message me and we might be able to find an alternative.

Here’s a big virtual hug from us all, here.
Try to smile for us.


I feel the same. I feel lost and everything is overwhelming. But the people I talk with here make it not only bearable but also enjoyable. I hope you will come to the zooms and chat with us, or just with us here if that works better for you. No, it isn’t getting out, but it is the best parts of getting out. Perhaps we can have a dinner chat together so it feels a bit like going out.


A very gentle virtual hug :hugs: from me too @Francine-13
everyone here is just so lovely ((()))
Toni x


Bore da @Francine-13, this unintentional cloistered existence is an aspect of post stroke that isn’t well supported by our community and medical services. It may be possible for you to find a support worker, there are some who do home visits for vulnerable adults and this may be a start to finding a wider connection within your community. Loneliness can have a knock on effect, causing anxiety and even agoraphobia. As a start, from my own experience, pets and plants are part of my social spectrum, although plants are hopeless at proving hugs. As @Bobbi has pointed out there are virtual connections which can be made, these can help immensely as just engaging with others can be cathartic. And even doing what you have done now, reaching out, will garner a response from people who know how you feel and can react, even people like me who are inclined to be slightly misanthropic. :laughing:

Depending on your mobility needs, there might be some community organisations that can help. I have found Mind useful for making connections. I recently did a yarn spinning session with them and it was a terrific afternoon out. I hope that seeing the responses here has boosted your spirits somewhat and provided a glimmer of connectivity that may bring on a positive outcome to your needs.


Hi Rusty and HH . Waiting for phone call from Doc , thought I’d be rude to you to cheer myself up. Was told my blood sugars were creeping up No more sugar dusted donuts for me now ? But nothing else I hope to worry about. Bit concerned about your intake tubby with those Lardy cakes, black pudding and deep fat frying.
Prior to waiting for phone call , Saint Susan of Sussex put me on scales. Squeaked as always. From the day I met her I’ve been overweight. You and Simon seem to be very chummy these day wouldn’t surprise me to Hear you’d run off to Brighton together. Much better weather here but still a cold wind. Well O widely read one………. Have you come across Richard Maurice Bucke’s
book Cosmic Consciousness? Written 1901. ?
It explains why like William Blake I’m away with the faries some days.Other days like Paul Pan sending Love Trust and pixie dust to everyone.
May float down from my cloud tonight and join your gang. Regards as always Zoom King xxx PP


Hi @Pds you would be very welcome to zoom, but if you feel the urge to be rude please have a thought for the plants as they do listen to every word.

If anyone else turns up I hope you’ll help me keeping @pds under control I don’t want him wilting the baby spinach.

All being well I’ll see you later.

7.00 pm, remember.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I love your attitude :grin:


@EmeraldEyes @Pds
I just had a swift scan of that Mr. Bucke’s Cosmic Watsit. That is a lorra lorra words and my addled brain couldn’t begin to comprehend, I’ll just stick to protecting the baby spinach and any asparagus that passes this way. That will be enough complexity for me for this week.
Here’s wishing you an uncomplicated weekend for a day or two.


Actually, I’m with you Bobbi, the only books I read are fiction and that was hard enough to get back into with aphasia. I came across a book on my kindle a few days ago about stroke. I must have bought it in a weak moment when I wasn’t in my right mind as it’s still unread 2yrs on, hey-ho :crazy_face:


I used to have a support worker (which I paid for) from United Response. They helped me with my walking. We used to go into town. They have offices all over the UK. They predominantly support people with learning difficulties; as well as people with physical difficulties. They had a great attitude; it was my time so they’d do whatever I wanted. Worth having a look to see if they’re in your area. And if not look for a similar type of organisation.


I hope all is well with @Francine-13
It was great to hear from you, but it has been some time.
You are always welcome here to tell us how things are going.
Take care