Plasticity and repair

I have just read Nikkis story and it has prompted me to raise a question:

As I understand things, a clot will starve the brain of oxygen and that will cause an area of the brain to be "killed" and then an area around the "killed" part which is damaged. I believe the damaged area might repair in part or in full. There is also neuro plasticity and the brain works around dead bits of brain so that we function using alternative neural networks.

Now what interests me is, can we get damaged bits bit no dead bits and will the damaged bits repair ?

Anyone know ?


Hi colin

 interesting question. I believe the brain can repair parts of itself. How much and how long I don’t know. When I had my stroke, it was on the right hand side, the bleed pushed my brain to the left.... a bit. Last scan shows it has settled back because the blood has been absorbed by the body, just like a bruise sorts itself. 

i have short term memory loss and I take longer to work things out but the stroke doctor told me the brain will adjust to it all and in time I will be fine. It all depends on how  severe the stroke was.

That is my understanding and all cases are different

Thank you Sandy. We are each one of us different, which I think is extraodinary.