Placement of titanium plate to cover skull removal due to brain swell after stroke

My son had a massive stroke at the age of 44, caused by a blood clot and had part of his skull removed to relieve pressure on his brain which was swelling rapidly. This was nearly five months ago. He has had a call from the hospital which carried out this procedure with regard to inserting a titanium plate and this has put the fear of God into him regarding the risks. Are there stroke survivors out there who have had this procedure who can discuss their experiences?


Thank you so much Loraine for your kind words. All hugs gratefully received!

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@paulette welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your son’s stroke. Must be very difficult for you.

There may be someone on here who xan grlp but if not there is a facebook group called Different Strokes which your son may want to join. I know there are some people in that group that have had that operation & they would be able to offer support & advice.

Wishing you both all the best.

Ann xx

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So sorry to hear of your son’s stroke but welcome to this forum. I can’t personally offer any advice but hopefully someone here will be abkevto help.

Different Strokes is a UK stroke charity providing a unique service to younger stroke survivors. Might be worth a look.

I wish your son well in his recovery and your family while you are dealing with thus awful situation.

Best wishes Sue

Thank you Jane that is so kind of you xx

Thank you Ann and Sue. It is so kind of you all to reply to my message and send such lovely thoughts. It has been a horrendous time for us all and a great shock but I am so proud of my darling boy who is so brave and positive. He will definitely get there!


Lots of hugs goes out to your family from me and my GodSon.