Pizza perfect (things don't always go wrong)

Well it’s my time in the Kitchen again. We will be having these this evening.

I begin with a simple dough made in a bread machine.

Dough for Pizza base

Water 140ml
Oil 1 tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Strong white bread flour 225g
Caster sugar 1/2 tsp
Easy blend yeast 1/2 tsp

The dough is mixed and warmed in the bread machine for 90 minutes after which it is ready to use.
The dough is split in two halves on a mat scattered with semolina, to prevent sticking.
The pieces are flattened and stretched to make two circles about 20cm, 8" across.
These pieces are covered and left to stand for around an hour.

Once the hour is up a little oil is poured into a cast iron pan (though any frying pan would do).
The oil is heated and one of the pizza bases is lowered gently into the pan.
When the bottom has firmed up the base is turned over. It is turned and heated until top and bottom are just lightly browned.
This base is put to one side to cool and the other is prepped in the same way.

Once cooled down a bit we start to decorate the pizza. Tomato puree is spread over each base.

Oregano is scattered over.

Pepperoni was arranged next.

Some grated cheese was spread.

Followed by halved cherry tomatoes, feeling peckish yet?

Then it was olives , more cheese and mozarella. Can’t wait for tea time.

Finishing off with some seasoning and a splash of olive oil.

The two pizzas are baked at 200°C fan, for 20 minutes until golden, well risen and the cheese is bubbling.

I don’t think the picture does it justice. It was layers full of flavour. A meal fit for an Emperor.

We’ve made these many times, they are enjoyable, economical and versatile. The dough is enough to make two 8 inch pizzas or one larger one. Sometimes we make two with different toppings on each. I suppose you could freeze the bases but we always eat them the same day.


This is reserved for any additional comments and tips for the above

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I would leave the olives off but other than that they look delicious. What time’s tea? :rofl::rofl::yum::yum:



I’d fallen asleep on the bed, just woke up. Hilary was letting me sleep on.
Got to wait for oven to heat up, then about 20 minutes so I guess half an hour, I’m starving.

We like olives, but I know they do not suit everyone’s taste.

Keep on keepin’ on
:cook: :pizza:


I used to order a ‘Greek salad’ as a snack when I was on holiday there. The salad was a mix of greens, tomatoes and so on, local stuff with chunks of feta on it. It was the real thing made from ewe’s milk and much richer than cow’s milk. I also used to go for their yogurt served with honey and nuts, again made from ewe’s milk, rich and thick, totally delicious.
The stuff we get in this just country doesn’t compare.

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OOh, this looks amazing! I always make mine with red onions, mushrooms, goat’s cheese…plus a drizzle of balsamic vinegar after it’s done cooking.

…and now I’m hungry!


@AshleyTH your recipe sounds delicious, it would go on one of these bases I am sure.
I must try it.

lol, I’m hungry too.


WOT!! no anchovies!
And I note no garnish of plastic lid this time!

Our next door neighbour just got one of these fancy pizza oven fired by wood pellets for his birthday. I think in his case it’s still the voyages discovery but yours looks very accomplished



Our next door neighbour’s wife ordered one, it was much huger than it looked when ordered on the internet her husband said. Had to have a foundation and brick platform built to take it and its big chimney.

In the past it has been an object that caused much use of colourful language as they had a habit of firing it up when we had washing on the line.
Can you guess in which direction the wind generally blows hereabouts?

Anchovies, do I catch those in the local brook? What bait to use?

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In the local Epicurean centre? (or a Tesco’s in a pinch). Currency is sufficient. A tin opener will be required, possibly with somebody to manipulate - thank god for ring pull cat food tins or id never feed my :cat2: & :black_cat: again


Fresh fruit with leafy of spinach all around pizza

Ham and mushroom for me with a nice free range egg cracked on top about 6 mins before it finishes baking🤤I do love a good pizza

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But fry the mushrooms off and place on some kitchen roll to remove excess moisture or you end up with soggy pizza

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I’ll be making dough for pizza after the Zoom session at 11 am.
Gonna try 50/50 mix plain/strong flour, economy and taste.

Did not like the flour mix, pizza was very sticky

Hope to make steak pies tomorrow. (John Kirkwood recipe)

i do a mean chicken and bacon pie using the bacon fat to make the roux,its so tasty but unhealthy as i use a suet pastry,so small slice only

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Well if person in place cook it too long