Had a strike middle of march got 80% of my arm back and can walk 100 yards before getting tired was an hgv driver ,was wondering how I would go about claiming p.i.p benefit any advice welcome 

Just to do it as soon as possible. The forms are quite long. Just remember to answer as if its you on your 'worst day'. 

Im not sure if they are doing face to face interviews at the moment. But be prepared to feel embarassed and inadequate as they really are quite intrusive. 

Initially, my stroke support worker, based in the local hospital came to my home and helped me with the forms and also attended(and drove me to the assesment centre) with me. Have you got a stroke support team helping you ? 

Good luck with your claim, it can help alleviate some financial concerns. 

Thanks for that

I hope you get it I tried a test pip claim I got two points seems my mild stroke is not good enough for pip but as a care worker too bad to do some jobs.

How many points do you need?

I believe it’s between 8-11 for a standard rate then anything after that you get slightly more 

I think its 20 to get the higher rate mobility part. 

Fortunately I just got to 20, it makes a huge difference. Good luck with your application, do not give up.