Hi! I sent in my application by mid-January this year. Unfortunately by the time the lockdown started they still have not gotten in touch. So I had to wait a bit longer. Then suddenly by mid-June I was informed I was having a phone assessment. It was both exciting but stressful and worrying with all the negative articles I have read about the process. I was preparing myself to appeal.

When I completed the form I was as honest as I can be and I really answered all the questions in detail. I even used an extra sheet of paper to fully explain my situation and condition. It took me more than a week to complete the form because I had to make sure I read the questions right and gave the relevant answers. Writing took time. I did find completing the form very cathartic. It forced me to face and accept my disabilities.  I realised that there are things I thought I can easily do that I actually need safety equipments so I can do them efficiently and safely.

On the day of the phone assessment I felt comfortable and confident. I thought I can only be honest and truthful. I haven't lied and I am not lying. I was pleased when the assessor told me that she did find my application form very helpful because I answered the questions as complete and clearly as I can. I also sent all available medical evidence/contact details. I did find the asessor very supportive during our discussions. She didn't make me feel that she was trying to prove that I was lying and she was trying to trip me up. I found the whole experience very positive. 

I was expecting to hear from DWP in about 6 weeks after the interview so I was very pleasantly surprised when I checked my bank balance one morning that I had more money in my account than I was expecting. DWP made a deposit even though I have not received any letter yet (which followed soon enough). They have awarded me more points than I was expecting. Not much but enough that they gave me the basic rate for both sections.

So one thing less to worry about. Until 2022 anyway. ☺