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Hi All,

My situation is as follows:
I had a stroke in Gloucester at the end of May and was admitted to Cheltenham General Hospital, where I spent about a month recuperating. I was discharged to go home (Stoke on Trent) nearly 3 weeks ago.
My question is regarding the phone part of the PiP application:
Because the phone part of the application came with zero preparation, when they asked for 2 contacts I gave my GP and the local community stroke team. However, I have barely spoken to either of these so they know very little of my condition. It was only afterwards I thought I should’ve given 2 people from CGH - maybe the Occupationa lTherapist and one of the doctors
Does anyone know if I can change these when the form arrives or do I need to put my chosen 2 in touch with these CGH contacts for more info?

THanks for any input, Dave

Hi Dave, The form provides space (I think, as did mine online) to name numerous medical people. Like you I gave my GP & then worried as I hadn’t seen my GP. I annotated more on the form. If all else fails add a note with the form when you return it.
Good luck.

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Good luck with the application. I used to live in Cheltenham so know the area you come from.
If there is room on the form I think I would add as many medics as possible as whereas the ward staff may know you well they may be too busy to report on your form and your GP SHOULD have been informed as to what has been going on with you and have the relevant information even if he or she hasn’t actually seen you.

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Thanks@fiona81- I was thinking specifically the Occupational Therapist who facilitated my early release and so had to assess my capabilities and presumably has all the relevent info to hand

Hi @Mrs5K, I didn’t know there was an online option.I was just infoeed a or woud be in the post

@comedyDave when I phoned to start my application they asked if I wanted to complete online form or postal one. I opted for online. I don’t think it makes any difference ultimately & the form should be the same either way.
Good luck

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I wasn’t given that choice

Either was I. Also felt like a criminal which I told the phone operator and he laughed. So many questions 2 weeks ago and no forms have arrived.

The guy I was talking to was really softly spoken and seemed annoyed every time I asked him to repeat something I couldn’t hear. I received a text message last Tuesday saying the form should take 7-10 days

Good luck.with your assessment. Have my fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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