Pip and the rest

Just filled in the pip forms thought I had no chance but after filling it in a support worker wrote the form but I told her what to write. Have done pip forms before as a carer. The ESA forms are still not here and I have only 10 weeks left of  SSP then it's either only my wife's earning of back to work if they can find work that u can do safley as a community's carer all the joys f having a stroke

the Forms are a nightmare, had a social worker fill mine out as of have no chance, got my pip assessment Thursday, only took from April to to now, Iv also got an appointment at the job centre tomorrow for esa, it’s part of the commitment as I’m hoping to return to a job at some point, not sure what as il never be able to carry out my previous role. Hope the esa forms comes soon for you 

Thanks hope it all goes ok

just had my first esa meeting as Iv only been on the smaller payment. Said they don’t need to see me until after Xmas and they are now putting me on the higher payment 

Good news. I hope that makes life easier for you.

Good for you ☺️ hope my forms come soom lol

Yes takes alittle stress of all the other things we need to deal with. Mine only took a week as was done on line. Fingers crossed they turn up this week

Anyone applying for PIP it is a good idea to keep a copy of the form. Firstly in case you need to appeal. Secondly when you have to reapply in a few years you'll know what you said.

Tjanks for the advice, took photos of mine, just hope mine goes well tomorrow 

Yes I applied on line but there need to send me the work limited  capacity questionnaire

Thanks I have done