Pip and esa


Justtoletyou know have applied forpip and esa waiting for forms to come will take weeks for the forms. I doubt I will get pip but hopeful for ESA limited work capacity thanks des


You'll normally get the ESA 'assessment rate' for 13 weeks (or however long it takes) while your claim is being assessed.

My esa was filled out and paid out within 4 weeks so they were fairly quick. Pip on the other hand iv still not heard anything form.semt of on April 

Yes thanks I think it's £75 but I have only applied to get the questionnaire form why it takes so long who knows.

Thanks I have been told that the forms can take up too 4 to8 weeks why it takes that long to get the forms to you seems odd to me but who knows

Done mine online esa wise so maybe that's why it was so quick, pip was the said it can take 12-18  weeks before they contact you after receiving the forms 

I've got a friend who receives PIP, from my knowledge it requires quite an incapacitated degree of disability to be able to claim. 

Thanks that because ESA takes on the role of SSP. When the SSP endsyou can apply for the ESA limted work capacity which you have to fill in on a form sent by them hope all is well des

I do not think I will get pip in fact I knowi will not be my wife says if you do not try you will not know. However ESA I have a good chance with that under limited work capacity  hope all is well des

Dear Des

PIP is very difficult to get. I have got it for an unrelated mental condition but my husband ended up going to tribunal to get it for me. As your wife says try and be prepared for a battle. Best wishes, Hilary

Thanks I think I will not get it even on a bad day I only get about six points. But my wife think I should try but ESA I am much more hopefull all the best des

Dear Des

You have to describe yourself at your worst. I don't know if your citizens advice is functioning but they will help you. In fact it's better not to try filling it in without help.

Best wishes Hilary

Thanks I have a CAB help sheet and alocal community cafe have support staff who can help people fill in forms face to face all the best des

With Pip you need your assessment in your own home. Also if possible get some help from an agency. In my case help from British Legion and Vetrans Agency. Hope this helps.

I’ve been waiting for my decision since November, I initially applied for pip last September, I had my phone assessment in December but haven’t heard anything yet we have a pub and a lot of people have told me that they will refuse it they almost always do. And will only give it to you if you first appeal and tell them you are seeking legal advice. Be patient people and be ruthless. Preformatted text

Recieved the long awaited pip text this morning not a lot of information other than confirmation I have been awarded pip a success I suppose no telephone assessment just a written report they recieved which I have no idea who did it

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Thank you Loraine I think my age probably helped 60 in a couple of months but I got both components enhanced

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Pleased for you well done with kind regards des