Pins and needles

Morning all
12 weeks post left side stroke and pins and needles still causing issues.
Consultant has put me on Amitriptyline 10mg to ease the symptom. Been taking them now for 8 days but no effect yet
Any advice / experience on this much appreciated

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12 weeks is still very early on the road to recovery. You do not say where the pins and needles are or if they are painful. I had them mostly in my left hand (stroke side). They were worst at night when I stopped moving my hand. I was prescribed Baclofen but found it was said to be addictive. One night I decided to go with the pain and see how long it lasted. It went after an hour and a half. I stopped taking Baclofen after that and let the brain take care of things.

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Thanks for reply.
Pins and needles are in my left hand and sole of left foot. Not painful just uncomfortable.
Skin on entire left side is hypersensitive

I have the same on my stroke side. At least I describe it as pins and needles but it’s not the same as the ‘normal’ kind of pins and needles that you’d get from sitting on your foot for example. I also have a bit of a ‘thick’ head, not so much a headache just like I’m really tired.

I recently read this on the Australian Stroke Foundation’s web site and it really sums up the feelings I have in my hand, foot and head.

**Neuropathic pain or central post stroke pain may feel like burning, stabbing, prickling or numbness on the skin. It mostly occurs on the stroke-affected side of your body. Often this pain is made worse if the affected area is placed in water. It may start days, months or years after your stroke.

A dull, generalised headache can sometimes be part of post-stroke fatigue.**

Does this resonate with anyone and
has medication such as Pregabalin or Gabapentin helped?

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Yes I know what you mean regards pins and needles, it’s like I’m walking on bubble wrap on left foot and showering really sets off the sensitivity on skin on my left side.
Head does feel foggy, no headache as such and stiffness in left side of neck.
Non of this is painful just uncomfortable