Pins and Needles

My dad had a stroke 6 weeks ago. He has had pins and needles in his hand since it happened.

Also has pins and needles in the top part of his leg then the bottom part feels very heavy then pins and needles again in his foot. They are constantly there.

Has anyone else had this? How long did it take to go away?

Many thanks 


Hi Ann. Sorry to hear of dad’s stroke. Mine was three years ago and I still have left side weakness. Dad’s stroke was not long ago and I can identify with some of his problems. I had a lot of tingling in my left hand and left foot toes. The toes still tingle very slightly, but the fingers on my left hand, whilst not tingling, still lacks sensitivity. 

Heaviness is often caused by muscle weakness. My left shoulder still has muscular weakness. It still feels heavy and like a frozen shoulder. I am having physio on it soon. It is important that dad has physio and utilises his weak leg and hand as much as possible. Things do improve, but progress is often slower than we would all like. Give dad my very best wishes.

Hi Ann,

I had my stroke 4 months ago. Things are gradually getting back to normal, I get more good days than bad now.

Pins and needles in my fingers was my first physical sign that I was having a stroke (I’d had mental clues ongoing all day but assumed I was just over tired). I still get them in my fingers and toes as a warning when I’m over doing it. I also get a strange sensation across my cheeks and under my eyes - not quite pins and needles - when my brain is trying to say it needs a rest

Hope this helps


Jane x