Pins and needles effect

Could an yone tell me if they have been cured of the pins an d needles effect after stroke?is it possib le to lessen the sensation by usin g stgrategies like diverting attention?

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Yes. I had pins and needles in my stroke hand and on bits of my face. The face ones went quite quickly but the hand took about a year to stop. Still lack sensitivity in those fingers though.

Thank you for those honest replies.Face for me not a real problemYou give me hope that things could change ref.arms and hand.I still cook but struggle with other things…and have to find different ways of doing.Overall I am grateful at 89 for any improvement!Sheila.

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Shwmae @Sheila88, I am to believe that pins and needles are a result of mixed communication from the parietal lobe. As a general rule with stroke recovery, the brain needs to recalibrate, so I would think that doing tactile exercises would possibly benefit. However, I am speculating as I am not a medical professional.

Thank you Rups…I shall keep practicing exercises and keep up my hopes.I lived for 10 years in Penarth so went for a few Welsh lessons!Sheila.

One year on…and have celebrated 90th birthday earlier.It is now only pins and needles in arm that troubles me.Movements in right hand a bit difficult but last night I played Bingo for first time in years and used that hand to dob numbers!Success!Just little improvements bring joy…I have had 8 weekly telephone conversations with a lady completely cured after 4 years…That inspired me.So thank you Stroke Association for putting this in place.