Pins and needles cold weather

With this cold weather hitting us in the last week my left side has become a lot stiffer and pins and needles have increased massively. After months of relative calm. Anyone else experienced this
7 months post stroke

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Hi, I’m 5 years post stroke which paralysed my left side and it is definitely affected by the cold. I don’t suffer with pins and needles but think it’s common following a stroke.
Regards Sue

Hi Sue
Thanks for your reply
I’ve had a degree of stiffness in my joints down left side and pins and needles since my stroke 7 months ago but this recent drop in temperature has intensified both !!
Guess I’ll need to emigrate in the winter months to warmer climate :smile:

That sounds like a good idea to me

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No pins and needles but my stroke side (left) feels the cold, especially in this weather. It also affects my walking.

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15 months post stroke and definitely the pins and needles and general stiffness are worse in the cold weather

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Hi Fiona
Thanks and nice in a weird way that others are experiencing the same in so much that I’m not having another funny turn !

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Thanks Richie - im feeling the same right now and its knocked my confidence too as my walking is not as steady as it was plus ive got some aches and pains .

I was going to post a very similar question so thanks andhope youre doing better very soon



I am one year post stroke and, until recently, was marvelling at my recovery. Now the pins and needles, tingling and occasionally downright pain are back with a vengeance. So I suppose I am glad to find the weather may be the cause!

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Hi all

Yes same for me. The pins and needles are worse and the stiffness is deffo worse. Also the numbness in my left foot is worse.

Hope everyone is ok and doinf as best as they can. Take care x

Hi, yes definite. I wasn’t aware the stroke could cause this. I have constant pins & needles in my arms & legs, but the cold weather has made it worse. Some days when I’m walking to work I just stiffen up & my limbs can barely move.

Take care all who are going through this.


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