Hi  I had a stroke five weeks ago, my anxiety and panic attacks are really high, I spoke to my doctor this afternoon he has prescribed me sertraline and I'm still taking Zopiclone to help with sleeping. Has anyone else been taking sertraline and will this help me?

I'm really struggling at the moment, and I need help...☹️

Hi, so sorry to hear that you're feeling so low.  There will be others on this site who will be able to answer your questions about meds.  Unfortunately the anxiety is very common following a stroke.   It's a massive event for your brain to deal with, and the fear of another stroke seems to affect most people.  If you are able to rest and/or sleep this will give your brain the opportunity to to try to re-set itself and start to put you back together again - so don't try to fight the feeling, just give in to resting if you can.  I think that a number of meds prescribed post-stroke, take a while to make a difference.  5 weeks is very early days - but things will get better.

Keep posting and you will know that there is a whole community on this site who will support you.  Take care ? xx