My wife and I have different sleeping habits, she is late to bed and late to rise. I am the opposite and nowadays am exhausted by nine thirty. We have solved the problem by me retiring to bed and she staying up watching re-runs of Antique Road Shows. This works very well and allows me to settle and be asleep long before she enters the bedroom.


There are times when it fails and last week was one of these times. When preparing herself for bed realised she had to take tablets from a new prescription and was faced with the problem of opening a 'Pensioner Proof' plastic container. She does not have the wrist strength for the twisting technique and was hesitant on disturbing me, so she resorted to a McGyver trick and attacked the bottom of the container with a kitchen knife.


........Here is a pix of the result.....

Dear Deigh

I do my chores such as dressing, shaving, breakfast and bed making. I then have a nap. I usually fall in to a deep sleep for up to thirty minutes. This sets me up for the morning. I have been doing this for two plus years. Works for me.

Mrs Deigh:  Thank goodness for those little dosset boxes. I only have to fight the packaging once a week. 


Dear Deigh,

You are married to a very resourceful young lady.  I'm impressed with her skills!


haha sorry but that looks like something I would do 

Yay, she sure showed that pill box who's boss laugh