Picked up a crochet hook yesterday

Just wanted to share this good news. Have been afraid to try as crochet relies heavily on having a good working left hand but I am getting less double vision when focusing on things straight on so thought I’d give it a go. I’m making a hanging plant holder ( very 1970’s) that I’ve done before. Had to Google some bits as memory patchy and there has been alot of pulling out, it’s not perfect but I’m doing it​:blush:. Can’t begin to explain how happy this makes me as thought my crafting was possibly lost forever. My hand aches and I have to take rests, but it’s just because it’s not used to it. It used to shake especially when I was tired but that has improved over time. I’m hoping that with continued practice the crochet will get better and it will provide therapy for my hand. This left hand was entirely dead after the stroke along with the hemiplegia. Realising it moved was one of my first memories lying in a hospital bed. It has taken another 9 months to get to here. There clearly is no finite point at which recovery stops. In my dark days of hopelessness I was all too ready to listen to the inner voice telling me it really was hopeless and that I could not improve, that 1, 3,6 months had passed and there was no further scope for recovery. I am going to say that I will post a photo when it’s finished as that is further motivation/commitment. No pressure then! Am enjoying it too much anyway. Julia :yarn:


That is good news, Julia. I’m so pleased for you, as I am sure many others here will be also. Remember to come back and report any progress. This is an excellent place to get encouragement, to be understood and to share your personal successes.
I wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to seeing that photo. (please be kind, positive and encouraging to yourself and those first small moves will develop into noticeable improvement.)

Well done Julia. We don’t know what we can do till we try. In the beginning nothing is easy, but,over time, things improve. The worst thing anyone can do is listen to that negative inner voice that says ‘why bother’. Improvement does go on, but there will always be frustrations for us to get over and new things to achieve. My greatest triumph several moths ago was threading a needle and strengthening the top buttons on three pairs of slacks. Onwards and upwards!

Well done we just have to be patience with ourselves bare the image of successful plant holder in your mind one step at the time remember every journey starts with baby steps xx

Shwmae @JuliaH, that’s good to hear, and a positive plus that you are enjoying the challenge.

I"m so glad for you Julia. I do believe that your crochet will get better with practice. I took up ukulele after my stroke. My left side was totally dead at first, but slowly and with rehab and hard word, as I’m sure you know, it is coming back. At first my left hand hurt all the time when I played the uke, and I could only do it or a short period of time. But now, I can go the whole 2 1/2 hour class. And, like you, I have just taken up crochet again. What a delight to be able to do such things again-- no matter how slow. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

Good job @JuliaH , encouraging for all of us to hear!
I can’t notice any improvement to lack of feeling in left hand & foot but the changes maybe so subtle that I’ll look back in a few more months an d realise it (hopefully).
Well done & keep us posted.

My steps towards improvement are so far partial. It is only a month or three since my stroke occurred.
What I have noticed is that my right foot and arm are slowly ‘waking up’ from what was total paralysis.
As I use or simply move them I’m pretty sure I am enabling this process. I carefully control my expectations, some small advance is quite sufficient, I am not expecting an overnight miracle.
With a grain of sand at a time I will eventually build a sandhill.
When that sandhill is complete I’ll have a celebration picnic at its summit, then go on to further progress.
Good luck with your crochet work, Julia, I’m sure as you persevere you will benefit from it in many ways.

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Thank you everyone for your supportive comments. I am now picturing a future picnic on a sandhill. As promised photo of finished functional hanger. Not without mistakes, much slower than before but I did it and I enjoyed it☺️


I’m no judge but it looks like you cracked it there, Julia. :smiley:

Here’s the gold cup for trying :trophy:

That looks great @JuliaH - well done :+1:

You were fast. And it’s so good-looking! Good job, Julia!

Well done @JuliaH ! Speed crocheting award for you. :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball::1st_place_medal:

Dear Julia, it is good that you are improving. I will put you on my prayer list and pray that you will feel his love and prescense Never give up hope, always keep focussed, share with your family and enjoy what you have, the best days are yet to come.
Stacey Timms

Shwmae @JuliaH, this is adorable. I love it. The wool actually helps keep the soil warm which the plant will love. I am envious. As a child I was keen on knitting but gave it up prematurely. Wish, I kept up the skill. Good job. :grinning: