Physiotherapist in London

Hello. Could anyone recommend a good physiotherapist in London? One that is good with fingers? Thank you in advance.


I think that what you are looking for is a neuro physiotherapist. They deal with issues faced by stroke survivors and the like where brain injury is the root cause of malfunction.

You could do search on the web for ‘neuro physiotherapist near me’.

Like Mahoney I cannot give you a specific recommendation.

All the best in your search.

Hi, I can highly recommend an amazing Neuro Rehabilitation centre in Isleworth London.
BIRKDALE Neuro Rehabilitation Centre.

It’s an amazing place with all of the latest technology and treatment. I have personal experience of attending there and if it was easier to get there from where I live I would definitely be a regular visitor. A Neuro Physiotherapist who treated me at home for a year in my early recovery days, now works at the Berkdale and I would happily go there if I could.

Hope this is helpful, good luck with your search.
Regards Sue

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Hi @Meandmybloodybrain

When I was looking for a neuro physiotherapist I found one based in Ruislip. I spoke with a Louisa Taylor. The practice is called Ruislip Physiotherapy (Neurological Physiotherapy - Ruislip Physiotherapy) and also use the name

She came across as very professional and was very helpful and honest. I mention that because I advertised for some help and was conacted by some physiotherapists who weren’t even neuro experienced but wanted to “help”. In the end, she advised me that she would not be able to help me because my MUm’s condition was so severe and there was a risk. Also, Mum would not be able to get to the practice easily etc.

Louisa also suggested I contact North London Neuro Physio who might be able to help, but sadly they did not bother to reply to my message. Their website is

I think you should contact Louisa and see if she or her practice can help you. They are based on Ruislip but also work in Hillingdon if these are convenient locations for you.

I found them using the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists :

Best wishes in your search.


PS. Welcome to the Community/Forum. There are some really helpful people here :slight_smile: