My husband has just been diagnosed with a minor stroke, he is ok apart from some L sided weakness and subsequent lack of confidence
He’s due to have further tests but I’m wondering how soon I can pester for some physio, this hasn’t been mentioned so far so possibly isn’t thought necessary by the medics


@Claireg welcome to the group but sorry you’ve had cause to join us.

I agree with @Chlodog pester straight away as likely to be a wait. The Stroke Association have exercise videos too. You could have a look at those as well as the ones @Chlodog has mentioned.


Hi @Claireg and welcome to the forum :smile:
I think it took a few days for the stroke team to contact me to assess what was needed etc and arrange physio/occupational therapy/speech therapist. It took a week or so for them but in the mean time I was actively doing my own exercise. As the others have said, you don’t wait, get him started now. Take short walks around the house, up and down the garden/drive/street, whatever he can comfortably manage, with you on his stroke side to stop him drifting. Have him carry things around with him in his stroke hand. Just don’t over exert him, he’s going to be tired a lot so let him rest or nap whenever he can. And lots of good nutritional food, the heeling brain is a hungry beast, uses up a lot of energy, burns lots of nutrients from the body so keep on top of that.

His confidence will recover as the weeks go by, and there are plenty of stroke survivors on the forum here who are more than happy to help and reassure. Take care.

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I am so glad all these people have posted with great advice. I was lucky my sister volunteered at a children’s hospital and had some knowledge of things they do with kids who have strokes. She brought me children’s toys to play with to help my hands , movement and thinking skills. Just as a reminder how to use things. So much came back fast those early days. Still coming back but slower these days. I wish I had known about the rest. At least I know now. It still applies to me a bit late in the game, but I still do better when I don’t push so hard I completely wear myself out.

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If you need exercises you should have a look at ARNI (Action for Recovery from Neurological injury
). They have books and DVD with exercises to help recovery. They also have trainers that come to you for exercise.


The lady’s videos are a very good place for your husband to start with his physio


Thank you all for the advice, I am actually a community nurse and spoke with one of my physio colleagues- she has been to see him and he’s now got a series of exercises to do every day so now feeling more positive