Physio recommendations


Please could anyone recommend a good private physio in the Manchester area?

My mum was very lucky, she had 5 months of physio, OT and speech therapy when discharged from hospital on the NHS but it all stopped in the first lockdown last year.

The physio's shown me exercises to do with my mum but I feel she may benefit from more physio sessions. 


Many thanks!




Have a look at ARNI charity (Action for recovery from neurological injury). You'll need to give them a call to find out if there's a trainer nearby who can help. Good thing is they come to you. Their number is 0203 053 0111. And their website is

Thank you Pamela! I had a look on their website, have you had any experience of using a trainer? 

Yes I have. She was working with me, pre covid on exercises for my hand and arm with the aim of me being to wash my hair using both hands. Fortunately I've still got these exercises to do so I'm still able to carry on myself.  I've also got a copy of the Successful Stroke Survivor book by ARNI Director Tom Balchin which is full of exercises so I've plenty to work on if I need inspiration.

Hello Tasha

I had my stroke 18 months ago (January 2020); received physiotherapy in hospital and was lucky enough to receive community physiotherapy after discharge from hospital, despite COVID lockdown. However, in October 2020 I was discharged from their care, being told I had plateaued!!! They left me with exercises to do and said they'd return in six weeks for a review. However, it didn't happen so eventually I started Google searching and found Manchester Neurotherapy Centre (MNC). I had an assessment with them at the end of April and have subsequently had eleven 90-minute sessions (one each week) with them. I'm finding them very good and am hopeful that, given more time, they'll get me to where I want to be with my recovery.

If you Google 'private neurotherapists in Manchester' you will get a few results. For me MNC we're the stand out company but there were others also.

Hope this helps.

Good luck to you and your mum.

Anne S xxxx

Thank you so much for your reply Anne. It's sounds like you are doing really well and I'm pleased for you. I will definately have a look at MNC. The work plateaued seems to be used quite a lot when it clearly isn't the case! Keep up the good work and wishing you all the best! X

You should have a look at a charity called ARNI (Action for recovery from neurological injury). They have trainers that come to you for exercise. If you ring them they'll be able to tell you if there's anyone near you. The trainer near me workswith me on my hand and arm. She comes to me which is good as it saves me having to organise someone to take me to them.

Thanks Pamela, I hope you are keeping well and your ohysio is going well too?

Yes I'm finding my ARNI exercises to e very good. I am making progress but as is typical with stroke recovery progress is slow. 

Keep up with the exercises Pamela you are doing well! Yes it is slow progress I only wish recovery was a lot faster