Physio cancelled

My physio has now stopped after 5 months, apparently iv not improved much so they decided to just end my sessions.
Im 54 and want to get on my feet iv had a bad stroke i no but not getting enough help and cant afford private. Iv read people apply for funding for intense physio anyone know anything?


I don’t know of any funding sources but if you want something in the meantime have a look at They have books and DVD with exercises to help with stroke recovery.


@kppod_68 welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had a stroke. It does seem to be the case that if you’re not progressing they stop physio. Not ideal.

Speak with adult social services to see if they can help, your GP may also be able to advise. Also you could try calling the stroke association helpline as they might know.

Good luck & hope you find some help soon.



Mine also stopped recently. Disappointing as I enjoyed it. Simply there isn’t enough resources to go around so it seems it has to end at some point.
I would have been happy to carry on for 5 years more.
As has been mentioned below, loads and loads in you tube for all sorts of abilities.


Mine was stopped after 4 months (including the 6 week post hospital discharge period) with the excuse being made that as I was self driven they needed to spend the limited resources that they have on pushing people who wouldn’t do their exercises unless the physio was there. That’ll teach me for taking an interest in my own recovery and researching the various exercises. The physio only actually came 4 times for 30 mins following the initial 6 week perfiod and the last visit was spent looking over the rehab programme that I had developed for myself and when I asked whether there was anything else they could suggest I just got shrugged shoulders and “no I think that you’ve got it covered”. This is just one example of the complete lack of support that I’ve expericed post discharge but this has however just made me more bloody minded about getting myself fixed (or as close to it as I can).


Hello kppod,

I’m 58, had stroke 8 months ago and also have a physio on his last visit probably…
It’s now that I need help more than ever before

I’m determined to make a full recovery, but have muscles that are exhausted, or just not relaxing. I’m doing everything I can to change that though… with or without anyone’s help. I hope you find help, or crack on yourself. I often look at youtube for ideas. Good luck. Roland


@kppod_68 welcome to the group, I would speak with your gp, they can do a referral to your local physio team. they will assess you and do a program with you, but you must I’m afraid to say you have to do the work they set when they are not there, otherwise there will not be an improvement. goodluck

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Has anyone else been given the toe tapping one ?Where you stand in the corner of your kitchen (if you have one) with the worktop on either side of you and you stand first on your one good leg and tap 4 targets on the floor and then do the same with standing on your weak leg ?
Builds balance, strength and coordination.

Best exercise I was given I would say


hi @Nigelglos ,
I saw a similar one on youtube based on standing on one leg and then pointing to various points of the clock with the opposite legs toes (i.e. 12 o clock then 3 then 6 then 9). Then of course swap legs.

Can’t do that one by standing on good leg yet but still try.


Welcome :slight_smile: this is best club for which the there isn’t a queue to join.
I suggest your better off without 9 out of 10 physios (unless you had a really exceptionally good one or you need one to make you do exercise - even then I suggest the support you get in groups like this help more)
You’re much better off imho if you’re anything like me being your own rehab director and researching. Eg there’s loads of good stuff on YouTube, I put links to good ones in another post
Different strokes and the stroke association both run online sessions and stroke association does one as a group via zoom. there are various other online resources available if you search. A really good source of support is often research programs. they’re not difficult to find if you look around online.
the idea that you make progress for 6 months and not afterwards is complete bollocks, the idea that physio should stop when there’s a pause in your progress is equally complete bollocks. These pauses are not plateaus, there launch pads for your next progression. you need of pause between spurts of progress. the fact that they tout it suggests that they’re more interested in their budgets and/or they don’t know what they actually talking about in the recovery process.
there is good stuff on here too; use the search function to find the conversations about rehab that people have been doing that they’ve found helpful
Good luck there’s plenty of us here on the same journey with experience and do what I’ve missed so I had to determine our own rehab program because the NHS doesn’t do it for most folk

Most of my upper limb recovery came after the first year and the rate of which I’m regaining is if anything accelerating. true I managed to get back walking after about a month but kicking you out because you’ve stopped making progress It’s either an excuse or a misunderstanding of the mechanics of neuroplasticity and the potential for neurogenesis


Welcome it’s called foot drop