Physio after lockdown

I had my second stroke recently. After my first stroke help was not available because of covid and subsequent lockdown. Now there’s help from various agencies, in particular the physios. I am now being taught how to use muscles and am walking better now I have been given proper instructions from professionals. This is a none published consequence of lockdown. What else did we suffer as stroke survivors because of the unpublished effects of the policy? I am now making good progress. Lilian


@l_platt pleased to hear you are now getting the support you need and you are now making good progress. Shame it took 2 strokes to get it though. I think the unintended consequences of Covid are going to be felt for many years to come yet and not just for stroke survivors.
Best wishes


Hello @l_platt . How very dare we have strokes during a pandemic :laughing:. Very glad you are making progress. I am seeing mine this afternoon. He is amazing, he does as much for me mentally as physically, we laugh alot, I look forward to my appointments. I have been lucky - I was able to access this through private insurance. Onwards and upwards :+1: Julia x

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