Photo keeps disappearing

Since the site was updated I’ve noticed that the photos attached to my posts have disappeared. I’ve added the photo at least twice but it has gone again when I’ve next looked. I think other posts have lost their photos as well.

Hi Mum2Two,

I'm sorry that no one has responded to your post. I'm now taking over moderation of the forums, so you should hear from me more often. I've noticed a few people have reported this, so I've flagged with our technical team who will be looking at the problem and fixing it as soon as possible. I'll keep this thread updated with progress. 



Thanks Lara it will be good to have it sorted.


The photos issue is being looked at now, apologies for the delay in this. I'll update you all when I have more information

I just wanted to post an update on the images issues, we are still working on it and one of our technical team is investigating what is causing the issues. It's turning out to be more complicated than we thought so is taking a while, I will continue to update you when I know more.

Update much appreciated


Thank you, look forward to it being sorted. The site looks much nicer with others photos attached.

Odd that my snap (well my cats snap to be precise) is showing yet no one else has a snap. I did have previous snaps wiped off.

I can add a photo but it disappears as soon as I come off the site. 

It seems I am the only one who can keep a snap on board. Perhaps the site is afraid of my little panther  taking offence.

Yes, our tech team are confused too. There are other users who have kept images, but not many. Consider yourself lucky Colin, even my image won't stay put.

Yes I thought that. I changed my photo but it has disappeared as well. The site looks so much better with photos on it. I changed mine to one of Malta where we visited last year.

Thank you. At least some things are going right for me.

I have often suggested that all us SS move to the Isle of Wight so we can all be together. Second favourite is Malta, although I think we would need to take entire medical teams with us. I have a friend in Valetta and he has to find and pay for everything. Luckily he has some wealth and can do it. And he has the most wonderful sister who helps him a lot.


We stayed in Valetta and absolutely loved it. Our hotel had its breakfast room on the top floor and we used to sit out there every morning looking out at the cruise ships that had docked overnight. We were just along from the Upper Barrakka Gardens, it was lovely.

Pleased to say that this photo didnt dissapear.

Not sure I will be writing much . I have hurt my right shoulder and am very distressed by it. It hurts alot. Hope a good nights sleep will set me fair.





Maybe try some ice in a plastic bag wrapped in a tea towel or something similar, it may help. It may be worth trying. Have you had a fall or just overdone things in the garden. Hope you feel a bit better after a nights sleep.


Hi Colin, in addition to the ice-pack, you could try some anti-inflammatory cream such as Voltorol, or Flexiseq, both available over the counter.  It may be that only rest will help, particularly if you're not quite sure what has caused it, it's very frustrating, but be kind to yourself.  Post when you feel more comfortable, we'll be sending you all good wishes xx

I think its the tendon from shoulder to elbow and an ice pack would be a bit awkward. However, if it returns to the extreme of yesterday I will try anything, ice pack first.

I am so relieved that I got a good nights sleep and things are so much easier this morning. Sore, but OK. I never know if things are old age or just normal or stroke related. Probably a mix and match. I find that anything triggers SF and/or a sore back, hurting hips and so on. And any level of SF slows down all musckes, sometimes preventing even slow walking. What a horrid journey we are on.

I put up four runner bean wigwams and they needed a lot of effort as the soil is very dry. I guess thats a funny angle for muscles that have been under used for three years.  Ironic that today, at last, we have the first proper rain since 21st December. So bean poles will go in easier ! The first of my runner bin seeds are so far out of their pots that they will be planted out ASAP.


Ice pack and voltorol will be used if the pain returns to last evenings level. It was so disabling, everything hurt. It seems to be the tendon that is the source of the pain and I was pushing runner bean poles in to the ground yesterday.

To my delight (and surprise) I had a top class sleep and awoke with the pain a lot lot better. Sore, but I can do everything this morning, just keeping my right arm a little protected. I am not used to things getting better quick. Its all been slow slow slow for the last three years.

Getting undressed last night was a fiasco. I was going to sleep in my day clothes at one stage. Or cut them off. Mens clothes go over the head, so that was just impossible. Now the pain has relented I can laugh about it.

Thank you for your kind message