Pfo side effects/benefits?

Hello I'm Sara. I'm 34 and had a TIA earlier this year. I had lots of tests to find out what caused it and found I have a pfo. Because I have high blood pressure and a family history of stroke my cardiologist recommended I close it, which I'm getting done in the next couple of weeks. I also have mild cardiomyopathy which I've been treated for a couple of years.

As I'm young I've been told that the benefits outweigh the risks. However I'm scared to get it done in the middle of a pandemic! Plus, when you google it I keep reading stories of long term side effects such as allergic reactions to the nickel and it causing atrial fillibrillation or shortness of breathe/chest pains.

Wanted to ask if anyone had had it done and what your experience has been like after (good or bad!)?


Not had pfo nor TIA, but I have had a full stroke and then, on May 2nd this year I had open heart surgery amidst the chaos of Corona.

Provided that you accept that you will be without visitors then major op in the lockdown was fine, The staff were just lovely and I suspect they find life easier without visitors.

Good luck


Thanks Colin