Pfizer covid vaccination no.1

hi can anyone please tell me if they have had the pfizer covid vaccination/know anyone that has had, i am obviously having this post stroke, as my stroke occurred all about the time of being called (had covid end jan, stroke end mar), hope this makes some sense,, thank you very much for any input,,, (  )

thank you jane, this means a lot, 

Yes, I had pfizer jabs, and, amusingly because my brain was so muddled, accidentally jumped a queue of about thirty people because I was waiting in the empty moderna line. They let me through anyway, and gave me the jab. First jab was fine, second jab knocked me about for, roughly, two days. 

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Yes, I have had Pfizer jabs one and two. Very little in the way of side effects. Don't know why it was Pfizer, most from my doctors surgery were having Astra. 

thanks very much 

Yes, I've had my two Pfizer jabs with very little reaction.

It's best to have the Pfizer vaccinations than not to have it.  I've had 1 and 2 no after shock or after effects, just carried on as normal.  I had my stroke about 19 months ago.  I was worried about having the vax but I called stroke help line and they re assured me.  Great service.





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