Pets and your recovery journey

We have a new blog out today all about how pets and therapy animals can impact stroke recovery.

You can read it here: The role of animals in stroke recovery | My Stroke Guide

As part of the blog, we wanted to ask:

Do you think your pet or another animal in your life has helped (or hindered) your stroke recovery?


If ever I manage to walk again ( without a stick, and more than just a few steps ) , I will get a dog. Unfair to get one if I don’t take it for walkies.


I don’t have a pet but I do enjoy looking at pics of other peoples pets. I love @Loshy cat Missy. She looks so fluffy & cuddly :grin:

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This is Orlando. I’ve been fostering him for Battersea for about 10 weeks now. I love having him here. When he gets rehomed I’ll miss him, but there’ll be another one around the corner after he goes.


Awwww orlando is beautiful @MinnieB

What a lovely thing to do too. Fostering pets.

Hi @MinnieB
Why do do you foster them short-term then if you’re going to miss him and replace him subsequently with another one?

This is tiger and you could say in one sense we’ve been fostering him for the last 7 years
I say where he came from other than through the cat flap one cold winter, everyday when the weather was bad & no body was about. Now the presence of people and the state of the weather is immaterial to him, he has adopted us as his tin openers!

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My daughter has gone on holiday for a fortnight and has left me looking after the dog, cat, tortoise and two tanks of fish. I’ll let you know later whether it was beneficial (for me or the pets)…


@FionaB1 good luck. That’s a lot to look after :grin:

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I am a community volunteer for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. We just provide the animals with a temporary home until they find a new owner. It means they don’t spend long periods of time in the kennels/cattery. Some are only here a couple of weeks and some a lot longer. It suits me because if I go away anywhere I can always find someone else to look after them, Battersea pay for the food and any vets bills and I get a bit of company into the bargain. It wouldn’t be human if I didn’t miss them when they go, but it also makes me happy that they’re going to a loving home.


Oh goodness, that is quite the menagerie!


Oh wow!! :astonished:

Can’t say these would be my choice, but that’s the great thing about pets, it’s all about the relationship you have with them.

Just don’t expect me to give one of those a cuddle!! :sweat_smile: :grimacing: :melting_face:


They’re tarantulas; I know the top one as a Red knee tarantula (Brachypelma hamorii) but why they need protective knee pads I’ll never know :laughing:
And they’re not the kind you stamp on or smack with a rolled up newspaper :laughing: But they are lovely to hold…in a zoo :smile:


@Moonie66 i’m with @AshleyTH i don’t think i’d want them either. I don’t mind spiders but they are too much for me :grin::grin:

@EmeraldEyes no holding them in a zoo for me :grimacing::grimacing:


Ok @Moonie66 , the no litter trays sounds pretty good… :rofl:


I have survived and so have the pets. The dog has been relatively easy. He’s an ideal size for me (a miniature dachsund) and has motivated me to walk further each day in the lovely countryside round here. One tank of fish have been no trouble and I haven’t actually seen the cat, but the pond fish have been fighting (or is it mating, I can’t tell what their motivation is) and I don’t think the tortoise has been eating enough so all in all I’m glad that my daughter is back

Yay well done on surviving the pet sitting :grin: all you describe sounds like an average day in the life of animals :grin::grin: enjoy a well earned rest now xx